Crawford Seige Day 13: Sheehan Pulling Out

Sheehan hugs her mother, awwwNearly two weeks into the Crawford Ranch stand-off, Cindy Sheehan has abruptly taken leave of the protest in order to visit with her sick 74-year-old mother who had a stroke in Los Angeles. In what can only be described as an ironic pull-out by the protest mom, Sheehan left Camp Casey late Wednesday evening and pitched a new campaign against the doctor who treated her mother, vowing to camp outside the hospital until the doctor will speak to her, or until a more pressing tragedy presents itself.

In a related story, Sheehan fired a shot back at the Drudge Report and other detractors in a message on the Huffington Post, where she writes: “But no matter what they say or how many shotguns they fire or how many crosses they destroy, they’re not going to stop me from speaking out about a war that needlessly killed my son.”

It also won’t stop her from talking about whatever tickles her fancy, be it the Iraq conflict, PNAC, neo-cons behind 9/11, the Palestine/Israel situation or any conspiracy theory that wraps all of those together.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m strongly opposed to the Iraq war debacle and think we’ve been hoodwinked when it comes to the real threat to the U.S. (which is… duh, Al Qaida radicals still chillin’ in Afghanistan and Pakistan), but is Sheehan really the voice we want to have explaining our position?

I don’t fucking think so.

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Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Two things: First, you just don’t get it, do you? The Crawford protests aren’t about Cindy Sheehan. They aren’t about whether she’s right, whether we agree with her 100 %, or whether she’s a perfect human being. Cindy is protesting the war, period. She is partially insulated from political attacks because she’s a sympathetic figure and because her complaint isn’t a purely political one. Before Cindy, anyone who criticized the war was attacked by the administration as disloyal, unpatriotic and unamerican. Dissenters were accused of “not supporting the troops”. It is harder to say these things about Cindy because she supported the war at a tremendous personal cost. Once she succeeded in breaking the barrier against protesting the war, many individuals and organizations joined in. They may not have been on exactly the same page as Cindy but it was a very pragmatic and productive thing to do. If the administration is clearly willing to do almost anything to silence dissent against the war, then they leave millions of Americans with little choice but to grasp any opportunity at all to excercise their constitutional rights “free” speech.
    Second, why are you going out of your way to trash Cindy Sheehan? You disagree with some of her views, fine, present your point of view and let’s debate the issues, not insult the participants. This kind of politics of personal destruction has become all too common and it’s a major reason why it’s so hard to do anything about the war. Those who speak out aren’t just forced to defend their views, they find their personal lives and their reputations trashed from all sides. You say you oppose the war. Then stop wasting your energy attacking people who are even vaguely on your side of the fence. If you want the war to continue, the biggest favor you can do for the current administration is to get bogged down in petty squabbles with potential allies over whether they meet your high moral and ethical standards. You ask if Cindy is the voice we want representing the opposition. That’s a perfectly legitimate question. If you have someone better, if you want to keep looking until you find someone better, or if you feel you should fill that role, fine. No problem. You’re more than free to express your own views. That does not require that you tear down others to make that possible. Grow up! Stick to the issues and lay off the character assassination.
    I particularly take offence at the way you belittled her concern for her mother. It seems she can’t win no matter what she does. By going to care for her mother, she’s a quitter. If she didn’t go she’d probably have been considered selfish and obsessed. Obviously the long knives are out when a person can’t make a rational decision to care for an ailing loved one without being condemned.
    The issue is the war. Let’s talk about the war and try to do less damage to this country, not more.

  2. JOE CARROLL: Why are you so angry? Is it because you and your radical liberal socialist friends must always have it your way? What happened to reason and temperance. Let me qualify my position on challenging you. I am neither favorable toward the Democrats or the Republicans. I believe in most of the Libertarian doctrines but will not declare myself a capital L Libetarian, but a small l libertarian until they address some of their beliefs about open borders and anything goes with drugs.

    Now back to the issue of Cindy Sheehan. She is not honoring the memory of her son by aligning with radical groups and declaring Bush a terrorist. Her son volunteered to serve in the military. Let me repeat that again. He volunteered not once, but twice as he reenlisted to serve a second tour. Again, we do not have a draft but an all volunteer military. He obviously was doing what he believed was the right thing and may have even been at odds with his mother’s political beliefs and ideas. I do not know this to be a fact, only a guess.

    The greatest honor and respect we can give is to allow him to rest in peace. He made the ultimate sacrifice for a cause, whether we agree or disagree, that he obviously believed in. This is self-evident because death is final.

    What are you willing to do other than criticize? Is there any cause you are willing to die for? I challenge you to think about that and respond to me here in this forum. I suspect you will have difficulty remaining calm and collected when responding but give it a shot.

    I am a Vietnam combat vet who served in an all volunteer infantry specialty you would not understand or appreciate. I have very mixed feelings about how we are to protect and preserve our freedoms and democracy. I was once willing to die for a cause in which I believed one time. I was not drafted, I joined the army. No, I am not some back woods high school dropout duped into a belief system foriegn to leftist radical socialist elites. I am well educated with an advanced degree from one of the most prestigious universities on the west coast; hard to believe for a Georgia redneck (and proud of it).

    The problem with the fringe on the right and on the left is they cannot have dialogue but resort to tactics such as lying and personal attacks on individuals. What happened to open discussion of the issues instead of degrading into vindictive attacks on individuals? Have you seen some of the signs the antiwar protestors are displaying personally attacking and holding soldiers responsible for Iraq, again calling them murderers and baby killers as the demonstrators did during the Vietnam war? What about the antiwar demonstrators showing up at individual funerals and memorial services for fallen soldiers home towns? How do you think that effects families and friends? They are (in a way) attacking families and friends who had nothing to do with policy or decisions made by our elected leaders. If one opposes policy of the government, then by all means protest in the correct venue, not at funerals and memorials. Do you believe the father, mother, siblings or friends made policies that eventually led to the death of a loved one? Not me.

    Why are we a free nation today? Is it because we refused to defend ourselves and allowed minority opinion to dictate policy for our demise? Every war (including WWII) had their vocal antiwar groups which is fine with me. That is what democracy is all about and what I believe our founding fathers’ vision expected in all their wisdom particularly Thomas Jefferson. However, I believe there is a proper venue and time to express your dissatisfaction with our government through assembly and speech.

    Democracy does work and the Bill of Rights is still intact. I cannot argue that one has the right to be the biggest fool or believe in some ridiculous concept and will fight to death so they can be stupid and wrong in our society. However, as human beings, it would be nice if they chose a more civilized forum to disagree.
    The true oxymoron is when antiwar demonstrators turn violent and disruptive in the name of peace and tranquility.