Corky, Part II

Alright, already. We at HoT (and apparently many others in the blogosphere), are having a laugh at VanDyke’s post, ” If Corky from Life Goes On was a PolBlogger — and rightfully so. BUT, let’s look at it from a point of not only fun agreement, but reality. We are all guilty, especially blog newbies, of posting something dumb. Yesterday, VanDyke helped a half-thought of mine become whole, by pointing out facts I rushed through. I do not know if any of you read Karen R.’s posts dated earlier than the most recent, but it appears to me that she is a teen with a baby. She mentions being unable to vote in the most recent election due to hospitalization due to childbirth. (see blog dated 9/22) Looking at the site, I was immediately reminded of a movie moment. Remember the scene in “Good Will Hunting” in which the the Harvard B School student is shown up by Matt Damon’s character? The “janitor” not only breaks the B school argument, but goes on to say that the student will change his opinion when he reads something new.

Under current education requirements, students are encouraged to regurgitate lectures. We might consider ourselves lucky that there is a young person out there- one who likely came out of a “free speech is not always ok atmosphere” who actually risks coming across a dumbshit. I say that we inundate her email address with articles of quality. Perhaps by reading things of substance, she might write something of substance.

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