Consolidated List of Libertarian Party Campaigns

I’m maintaining a current list of Libertarian Party campaigns over at LFS. I’m only including campaigns with websites. Here is what I have accumulated so far:

Libertarians Currently Running For Office
NameOfficeStateDistrictElection Date
Michael BadnarikU.S. HouseTexasDistrict 10November 7, 2006
Dan Belforti U.S. Congress New Hampshire District 1 November 7, 2006
Erik Buck U.S.
Missouri District 6 November 7, 2006
Bruce Cohen U.S.
California District 48 December 6, 2005
Kevin Craig U.S.
Missouri District 7 November 7, 2006
Ozell Daniel Governor Hawaii November 7, 2006
Leland Faegre U.S.
California District 32 November 7, 2006
Jason Gatties State Representative Michigan District 79 November 7, 2006
Garrett Michael Hayes Governor Georgia November 7, 2006
Barry Hess Governor Arizona November 7, 2006
Rob Hodgkinson Secretary of State Kansas November 7, 2006
Richard Kahn Governor New Hampshire November 7, 2006
Mike Kole Secretary of State Indiana November 7, 2006
Randy LangkraehrGovernorMissouriNovember 11, 2008
Chester Lapointe U.S. Congress New Hampshire November 7, 2006
Michael Murphy State Assembly California District 4 November 7, 2006
Loretta Nall

LP and USMJP Candidate
Governor Alabama November 7, 2006
Art Olivier Governor California November 7, 2006
Bill Peirce Governor Ohio November 7, 2006
D. Frank Robinson U.S. Congress Oklahoma District 5 November 7, 2006
Kelley Ross U.S.
California District 28 November 7, 2006
Mark Yannone U.S.
Arizona District 3 November 7, 2006
Kevin Zeese

LP, GP and Populist Candidate
Maryland November 7, 2006

If you find any errors or if you know of other candidates who should be added to the list, please let me know. Certain rules and restrictions apply.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Thanks Stephen for putting this together. Some of the candidacies I had heard of but most I had not. I like to support Libertarians and knowing who is running is really helpful.