Coast Guard Launches “Request a Rescue”

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The Coast Guard now has an automated website to request a rescue of friend or relative you know who may still be trapped in NOLA floodwaters or elsewhere on the Gulf coast. You can also get online updates once you are assigned a case ID. This should come in handy for the rare spots that still have phone service, but there’s still going to be a lot of roof cutting, door-to-door knocking and evacuation spray-painting to do considering the poverty levels here. [via Boing Boing]

As a side note, would someone from the media please get into the FEMA operations center and see just how they are mapping the rescue grid and to get an idea of what progress is being made? It would be awesome if the city map was on a giant projection screen with green and red dots denoting checked or not and water depths as varying topographical shades of yellow, but uh… I’m gonna actually bet on a big paper map with pushpins.

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