I can’t say I am much of a fan of CNN but this time they stood up to big government and told them to shove it. I don’t see why we can see pictures of Uday Hussein dead, pictures of the mass graves in Iraq, pictures of the Holocaust but cannot see pictures of Americans dying, no photos of Abu Ghraib because someone might hate us. Government has became the photo police trying to take over the first amendment so no one questions them.

“The government cannot be allowed to hinder the free flow of information,” said CNN journalist Anderson Cooper. “That’s what we say in the lawsuit.”

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FEMA is just trying to cover up something (possibly the governments bad job) by not allowing reporters to view the recovery. Think about it the reporters help keep this country free by holding our leaders accountable and without them there the government workers could tell women to show us your tits if you want to be rescued. Read post about how they possibly treated women.

“CNN talk show host Larry King announced late Friday a federal judge in Texas issued the restraining order and scheduled a hearing for Saturday to hear arguments in the suit.”

Now I hate to see people die, but if it wakes Americans up to the fact that people did die and that something must be done in the future to stop it and it prevents government from mishandling this recovery mission as well than I am all for showing as dead bodies to make sure more people don’t become one of them.


“HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) — Rather than fight a lawsuit by CNN, the federal government abandoned its effort Saturday to prevent the media from reporting on the recovery of the dead in New Orleans.”

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Thanks to Rick Rajter for the link to CNN defeating the government.


  1. And yet… CNN doesn’t even post this on their own homepage? Well, at least it’s not there as of noon on 9/10/05.

    I wonder if this is going to bear fruit, or if it’s just grand standing.

  2. I don’t remember them so eager to show Americans dropping to their deaths on 9/11, because that might encourage us to fight back. They were so sensitive back then.

    But with an opportunity to attack Bush, they want us to see all bodies all the time.

    A pox on CNN.

  3. I seen people jump out of buildings on 9/11. And by the way I did not support Kerry or Bush and I cannot speak for CNN but I can speak about the Constitution and if the first amendment right came from God (or you were born with it) then government cannot take it away and this is what makes us different from Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

  4. Good explanation on where that first amendment comes from Jake. I myself believe in the natural, as opposed to the mystical. I tend to refute the mythical as a means to an end. For many thousands of year kings have ruled people through mysticism.

    In Western Civilization, the period ruled by mysticism is known as the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages. I will assume that you know the nature of that period and the state of human existence in those ages. The Renaissance broke the rule of the mystics. “Renaissance” means “rebirth.” Few people today will care to remind you that it was a rebirth of reason – of man’s mind.
    –Ayn Rand

    We are different from Nazi Germany and it really irritates me everytime I hear this analogy on the news. In my opinion this only serves to minimalize the current administration’s effects on this country and our freedoms.

    I have a hard time accepting conspiracy theories but I am finding it harder and harder to ignore them with this administration in office.

    With regards to CNN sueing FEMA…. bleh… alphabet soup… They are merely posturing, they are going to LOVE having the pictures. Various groups can easily cut and paste photos and create slideshows or movies with their own political slants.

    They can air it on the religious channels with gospel and prayer in the background calling on the “return”. We can all become desensitized to the corruption and disregard. To the death and inevitable enslavement.

    The Dems can use it for more Bush smearing further disctracting us from the true problem which is and always will be class. We live under a new form of caste system and live with the illusion of freedom. The political elite care not for the common man, they merely care for their personal world.

    Opening peoples eyes right now is the fact that the powers that be were blatant about their disregard for certain areas in Louisiana and you can bet other states as well. Other local politicians (governors, mayors, council members) should get what press exposure they can and tell of things they have asked for and have been denied by this rather large federal government of ours.

    No press!? Post your greivances online…. we’d love to hear them I am certain.

    Special forces… ha! Let’s start focusing our attention on more alphabet soup and look at those 3 letter agencies for some answers. They should have had some for years now… yet not a peep.

    It can’t be that the people want a totalitarian type of government here in the U.S. If you ignore the consolidation of the 3 branches and the re-consolidation of church and state…. you consign us to total control.

    What you do, Who you know, What you believe, What you think. Total Control.

  5. I am against any form of state sponsored religion for the belief that you were born with rights and they are granted to you not a king to give privileges. The people are born with the rights and give the government privileges that can be revoked at any given time. I think many Christians have this idea flipped around.

    I can’t speak for CNN but will fight to protect the first amendment. I don’t want to see pictures of dead and I don’t watch the news so I don’t know much about CNN.

    I would like the Democrat leadership to talk about real problems but they are just like the Republican leadership and refuse to stand up for the Constitution.

    I realize we are becoming a police state and am trying to stop it by informing the people so they can vote there leaders out of office. I am trying to show ways the Constitution does not equal the communist manifesto and we were not intended to be a communist dictatorship.

  6. Stop Hurting America,

    Agreed, opening people’s eyes is very important. But one of my favorite quotes comes to mind.

    “None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see. ”

    It’s not so much getting the information in front of somebody, it’s getting them to accept that the information is right there. Truth is a bitch sometimes. People would rather ignore ignore ignore and live their life in oblivion. I hate to use the tired example, but it’s just like “The Matrix”. Some want to be hooked in and believe the totalitarian government that they worship.

    I mean hey, as long as I can still watch the Knicks game on TV while drinking beer with my friends, screw everyone and everything else!

    Standing up for rights takes effort. First ya half to learn or become aware of what they are (and not just what they tell you they are). That involves reading. Oh man… can’t I just rent something at blockbuster instead?

    and therein lies the problem :)