CNN Rita Coverage: It is Windy and Rainy

CNN\'s Rita team coverage

It takes three on-location reporters to tell you that a hurricane blows wind and rain. At the same time.

They don’t call it team coverage for nothing, folks.

Call me morbid, but the odds of flying debris decapitating one of these guys live just went up threefold (red rover, red rover, send a chunk of fencing right over…. AAAAAAAAAH!).

Guess who had the most informative news. The interviewee at NOAA sitting at his desk in a shirt and tie with a computer behind him. Sensationalism whaaaa….?

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Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Overall it seems that the evacuation may have cost more lives than the storm. Though perhaps more “folks” evacuated this time around. So what will Phillipe bring us? A southern Texas landfall?

    Interesting areas that all this money will be channeled into, I sincerely hope that local “folks” are keeping track of where and who it goes to.

    For updated news on storms without all the sensationalism that is network news…. cruise on over to the Storm Tracker

    The Storm Tracker is brought to you by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), perhaps one of the most worthwhile departments of the federal government.