Cleveland Muslim Imam Arrested

Fawaz Damra - photo from The RepositoryThis is an interesting story since it’s going on in my neck of the woods. Apparently the authorities caught a terrorist fundraiser living in Cleveland, Ohio who was funneling money back to the Islamic Jihad:

Controversial Imam Fawaz Damra was arrested outside his home early Friday morning and taken to Detroit for the start of his deportation case.

[…] “He actively espoused and sought funding for the killing of Jews and innocent people,” said [Brian] Moskowitz, who is overseeing the deportation case. “This trumps the others because of the national security grounds.”

Damra was convicted last year of lying on his citizenship application more than a decade ago. He spent two months in prison after prosecutors proved he raised money for Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other groups.

But the real jab in the government’s eye is the possibility that they won’t be able to deport the guy — even with all the curtailing of civil liberties that came in the wake of the PATRIOT Act:

After a year of little public activity on the case, several of the lawyers involved acknowledged they were concerned that Damra could escape deportation for two reasons:

He had committed only one crime — lying on his citizenship application — since coming to the United States. Two crimes of that nature are usually required before deportation, if they occurred more than five years after arrival. [ed- funding terrorist organizations isn’t a crime?]

[…] Damra claims he will be tortured if sent to the West Bank, Gaza or Jordan. International law forbids deporting someone if there’s a likelihood they will be tortured.

I mean come on, this the exactly what they claim to need the Act for, yet they seem utterly hamstrung on what to do with him.

Well, I have a suggestion… do the Israelis a favor and drop him off in the West Bank with a discrete tracking device hidden on his clothes. If he heads for an Islamic Jihad safehouse (you know because the satellite photo will likely show some masked guys carrying RPGs and AKs around the compound), pick up the phone and let Sharon know the coordinates.

[photo credit: The Repository]

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