Cleanup in the Produce Section

Every so often I see a rant or rambling so goddamn crazy on my own blog, that I just have to post the damn thing verbatim on the front page with my own reply, raking him over the coals in an assault of intellectual masturbation that defies my own logic of why I do it in the first place.

It all began with this post on Terri Schiavo being a veggie, but it’s really about the nuts claiming Terri Schiavo being aware (she wasn’t) and wanting to save her because she was gonna snap out of it, then realizing that she was a fruitloop, they changed their tune to say this is bad voodoo because Jesus said so and why do you hate America anyways ya fucking liberal elite (unless you’re Jesse Jackson, not extorting companies that day).

So here’s the intelligent reply in the comments, from Seth Wind:

Terri Schaivo Comment [ed- yes, this was actually part of the comment, I would say something funny here, but I don’t have the heart to kick retards]

I have to rebut to your comment, Mr. VanDick. First of all let me start by saying that this has nothing to do with politics, or right wing policies. If you watched the news, which you probably didn’t because you are so uninformed, you might recall that Rev. Jesse Jackson (a left-wing liberal) was at the protest and asked them to reinsert her feeding tube. Thumbs up Jesse!!!!

Additionally, the supreme court needs a reality check, and that is an understatement! I find it appalling that they said that: “keeping Terri alive is ‘unconstitutional'”. First of all, they are saying the complete opposite of the reality. The constitution clearly states that everyone is entitled to: 1.LIFE 2.LIBERTY 3.HAPPINESS.

Terri wasn’t entitled to any of the above.

What does this show society?
That’s right, the Supreme Court disregards the constitution of the United States and makes up any little laws they want to without input from the public, which is truly a crying shame.

So when you idiots say that her starvation was painless, I’d like you to try starving yourself sometime. Just try going two weeks without eating anything. If you’re still alive, tell us just how painless starvation is.

But then, after catching his breathe nearly a half hour later, Seth has the following to add while intentionally hitting the returnkey as it wrapped the comment box (compulsive much?):

Just a few additional comments:

A) How can prisoners on death row get a last
meal before execution?
But an innocent woman who committed no
crime whatsoever is refused food and water!

B) What does this say about society? Is this
Nazi, Germany? Do we believe that the
handicapped are useless in society. Is this
your “final solution”, Mr.VanDick?

C) Watch who you call a vegetable, Mr.VanDick!
It seems that you have to much time on your
hands to create blogs like this one.

D) Why did the police hinder protestors from
giving Terri food and water?
Were they afraid she might choke to death?!
She was going to die from starvation anyway!
Any bit of food would have helped.

E) I’ve heard of force-feeding, but never

F) Next in America: Concentration camps for the

G) If America didn’t protect Terri, they
surely won’t protect anyone!

H) The Supreme Court is runned by a bunch of
goofballs! (and that is putting it nicely)

So, it should be no surprise to anyone to see that I had to take the bait of the common trolling wingnut, wrap it around my ginormous pinkie and lick it like a lollypop while writing the following rebuttal:

How’s about we ratchet down the rhetoric for a sec and consider two things: SCOTUS is full of wingnut ideologues who are voting very disturbingly these days, no debate; And, Terri was a fucking braindead vegetable.

1) How can anyone from a religious Christian argument cast stones at a marriage pact where the partner has watched their loved one wither after such a tragedy. May he burn in brimstone according to those folks, surely.

2) Perhaps you should realize that while I didn’t specify SCOTUS in my commentary, I think it’s egregious to pass laws or rulings for individuals when there are such more pressing issues going on (One death is a tragedy, 1500 is a statistic?). Of course, then again I think there should be a law giving me loads of cash at my front door every day, but yet I still end up having to work, what a damn shame.

3) When you are a fucking vegetable, with the pain and sensory receptors in your brain in a lovely liquid suspension of Jell-O pudding pops, the difference between shitting on yourself and eating a ham sandwich essentially becomes a lesson in semantics. Ever wonder why you see the guy in the wheelchair not give a shit when he gets stabbed in the leg? It’s because he can’t feel a damn thing.

4) You are a moron and have no excuse for living in civilized society, kill yourself now. You are the scum of the earth and the dirge on this great country. Your inane rantings with only soundbites and regurgitated talk radio quotes is the reason I wake up every day and curse the motherfuckers running this country, because they try to cater to idiots like you instead of getting their shit together and being responsible to the people because they fear the shit out of us calling them on it.

Wake up, and stop being a douche.

And the Lord rejoiced, because He saw it was good that the hypocrite was thrashed, and yeah did they celebrate with much buttsex, for they were dirty liberals and they hung out with Jesus back in the day and hooked that dude up with Mary Magdelene. Selah.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. Wow… what insight! From the “news” he was able to gather that the Judicial branch is ignoring the constitution and initiating this crazy balance of power thingie…

    Perhaps it was just me but weren’t Free Enterprise or Entrepreneurship, and Civics or Constitutional Law required classes in high school?

    Checks and Balances AKA Separation of powers… look it up.

    Then look at the circus clown act that your beloved politicians performed. Watch the judicial branch stomp them as they did and should have. Are you even aware of the bills on the table right now slowly yanking freedoms away and attempts being made to neuter the judicial branch?

    BTW, choice (F) you gave? I will agree… but let’s throw in the rest of “society”. Then perhaps we can truly agree.

    Stephen… what is with this dood…. he thinks Libertarians aren’t up on the news!? I guess he never heard of the following sites…

    Independent Media Center

    The Media, Politics, and Censorship

  2. All y’all are pot-smoking dumbasses!

    Do you actually think you’ll be elected in 2008??
    Why do you even bother? You’re fighting an uphill battle that you’ll never win. Polls show that you are already beaten 167,340,633 to 5.

    Who would ever vote for Badhairdick, oops I mean Badnarek?
    Answer: Only the 5 dope addicts who are glued to
    this blog.