Cindy “Protest Mom” Sheehan Draws Sympathy, Hippies

You know, I kinda feel sad for Cindy Sheehan. Here’s a mother who lost her son in Iraq last year and went to Crawford, Texas to camp outside of Bush’s house while the president takes a 5-week sabbatical. Hey, all she wanted to do was talk to the president. I feel bad for her because she’s simply expressing her greivances against the president and the Iraq war as best she knows, and it’s a genuine and simple message. Leave it to the far left to hijack that message.

Along to Crawford comes the aging anti-war hippies, praying for another Vietnam to revitalize them like some kind of political viagra. Banging on their drums and pretending like its 1967, trying to getting their Woodstock on in Bush’s backyard. One thing that’s become painfully clear in being a political observer is that when the extreme left and right get in on any political action, be it the Terry Schiavo case, pro-lifers versus pro-choicers, or whatever, odds are the shit is gonna turn into a political circus once they hit the scene.

And hoo boy is this one going to be good. Hell, the token burnt out hippie has already shown up and is probably setting up a hemp necklace stand next to his VW microbus.

I mean seriously… there is literally a geriatric hippie, tie-died, long-haired, and wearing a bandana and sandals. Here’s the photographic proof:

Analysis of Crawford hippie

I wish I were making this shit up.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. could that not also read
    “Cindy “Protest Mom” Sheehan Draws Sympathy Hippies” ?

  2. WOW! Where is Jane “traitor” Fonda? How about the Chicago Seven? ……and the beat goes on

  3. Whats wrong with hippies? Oh thats right, Libertarians are all Republican “suits” who just REALLY hate taxes….

  4. Graham – What are you? An old hippie or a modern day hippie? What about your politics?

  5. Pechuli (sp?), socialism, “Organic”, and I dated one in college.

    *that* is whats wrong with hippies.

    whats right:
    veganism – because food can have flavor without meat.
    free love – cause sodomy is just plain awesome.
    drugs – duh.

  6. Libertarians are out-of-control morons who are afraid of paying taxes and want to smoke weed just like those hippies, eh?

    They have never won an election, and they never will!

  7. To SethWind: Actually, you’re dead wrong. They’ve won plenty of elections, and in recent news, they won a partisan election for a county CEO position here in Georgia for the first time ever.

    I’ll be serving crow for dinner should you be hungry.