Christmas Eve News Update

Merry Christmas from a Strange Land. Here’s a clip:

Through reliable sources, the CIA and the NSA have obtained proof positive that Weapons of Mass Destruction are being manufactured and hidden deep within the North Pole. The tyrannical reign of Santa Clause over the elven races has gone on long enough. To that end, we have given the go ahead for a battalion of fighter jets to enter North Pole airspace and lay down a blanket of shock and awe.

We can turn the idiot box off whenever Jerry Spring comes on, but we can’t turn big government off just as easily. Fortunately, Jerry Springer will not be running for governor of Ohio.

Government Federal Reserve Monopoly money printers working overtime?

Dick Morris joins the apologists for the police state (and from the looks of things, is prepositioning to work for a GOP candidate in 2008):

Why didn’t Bush get a warrant? On who? For what? The NSA wasn’t looking for a man who might blow up the bridge. It had no idea what it was looking for. It just intercepted random phone calls from people in the United States to those outside – and so heard the allusions to the bridge that tipped them off.

In criminal investigations, one can target a suspect and get a warrant to investigate him. But this deductive approach is a limited instrument in fighting terror. An inductive approach, in which one gathers a mass of evidence and looks for patterns, is far more useful.

But, if the Democrats are to be heeded, it will no longer be possible.

More Monica scandal, but this one is about the wife of John Conyers.

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