Cheney Heckled Once Again

CheneyVice president Dick Cheney is something of a lightning rod for this administration, considering his ill-tempered demeanor towards detractors (and detracting senators). So it’s no surprise that his appearance — at an event honoring former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker’s 80th birthday coinciding with the groundbreaking for the Baker Center — spurred some protestors to infiltrate the gathering:

During Cheney’s brief remarks, about a half-dozen people protesting the war in Iraq yelled, “War, what is it good for?” and held up a large banner saying, “Peace Now.”

Cheney continued speaking and didn’t acknowledge the protesters, who were escorted from the ceremony inside the University of Tennessee’s basketball arena.

About 50 protesters, most of them appearing to be college age, demonstrated outside the arena. Several carried signs, including one that read “Honor Baker, Impeach Cheney.”

The first slogans mentioned are a tad cliche if you ask me (and there’s no word if anyone told Cheney to go “F” himself). Something tells me we’ll be hearing even more Cheney heckling in the future.

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Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I was one of the protesters today at UT–what the media didn’t print—although I’m extremely fortunate this is getting the attention it is—is the “2000 Died For Lies” and “There are thousands of children starving in Sudan right now” comments. Keith Olberman ran a piece on MSNBC about this tonite. If you go to you can view the full video of the whole incident. After this there was a solid protest where we marched across the UT campus. It was a great moment.

  2. a great moment in UT, indeed. the protest was powerful and peaceful. the real chant mr. cheney heard, and the AP hasn’t reported, was “war, what is it good for? Absolutely DICK!”

    just thought i would share some reality.