Cheetahs hitch ride on US military flight.

While jacking around online, I came across a site called Happy News. I tend to be a bit cynical about the world and thought perhaps I should check it out- you know, try to experience warm and fuzzy. I came across this article about US troops saving two cheetahs in Ethiopia and thought WTF? Before I am attacked as some asshole who hates animals I want to qualify the rest of this by saying I love animals as much as the next person and I believe that animal cruelty is reprehensible. That said, what are our troops doing rescuing animals across the world when they couldn’t rescue Katrina victims in a neighboring state? Some at the top levels of government think that it is perfectly acceptable to torture people, and we are rescuing tortured cats in Ethiopia? Priorities seem to be in bad order. Alas, no warm fuzzies today.