Che Guevara-keteer is Spreading

Che Mickey shirtSo I signed up for Bureaucrash today after cleaning up my blogroll and adding a few newcomers. If you don’t know what Bureaucrash is, it’s essentially the activist wing of libertarianism. They make a bunch of flyers and self-described propaganda and organize events and rallies all over the U.S. They are even going to have a booth at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and will be in direct competition with the Libertarian Party themselves, who just decided this year they would finally open a booth at the biggest conservative conference of the year (the LP was so proud, they sent out a little email letting everyone know about it). I’m glad they’re finally getting a little more active, I hope they are selling some kickass apparel like the stuff I found over at Bureaucrash.

My only disappointment with the LP is that they seem intent on pushing drug reform front and center (“A prime example of the disparity of opinions in CPAC sponsors is seen in the fact that at this conference, there will be a discussion about the War on Drugs, and whether it should continue with wholehearted conservative support,” Joe Seehusen) when the biggest gripe conservatives have is fiscal conservatism. One would think (in this audience at least) it would be smarter bring up the bloated costs of the War on Drugs indirectly instead of jumping feet first into such a topic. I’m just hoping they appeal to their pocketbooks instead of running gung-ho with it as a personal freedom issue.

So anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, the kick-ass apparel Bureaucrash sells… notably the Mickey Che t-shirt. I’m gonna have to demand royalties or something, heh.

Nah, how could I do that when JA$ON sent me a PM mere minutes after I signed up, saying: “Thanks for joining Bureaucrash. I really enjoy your website, the hammer of truth. Especially the Twin Towers ad.” Geez, and I can’t even get the LP to return my stinking emails.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

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    [Ed. – Google translated this to the following confusion:

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  2. I really wish i knew where you lived. Your last name is VanDyke so your obviously not latino and dont know the first word about oppression, dick. Your going to laugh reading this because you think that you are funny by putting micky mouse ears on Che Guevara. You are very funny and i bet your friends think the same. But listen i know that Che wasnt the best leader because he is accused of murdering cubans who helped batistas goverment. But you are nobody to make fun of a man who gave up his life, who wanted to liberate people who were opressed by capitalists and modern colonialists. Think before you do something like that again, bro. And yeah keep laughing because i know you think you are very smart, i hope we meet one day.

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  5. Don’t insult your people’s culture? I suppose gunning down Cuban children and anyone who dared to disagree with the revolution the way your spineless hero Che did was supportive of the culture, huh? Indeed, Cuba is so much better off under Castro than Batista, right? It speaks volumes about you that you would so angrily come to the defense of a coward and child murderer.

    I am currently designing some apparel myself for my next business venture and my Che shirt will be much more insulting and offensive than the one above. I plan to advertise the business here at HoT, so be sure to check back for the link and gaze at the shirt with my favorite Che quote:

    “Don’t Shoot! I’m Che! I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”

    These people are obviously true Che supportesr as evinced by their desire to shoot anyone who doesn’t agree with their Marxist opinions–although their hero preferred his shooting victims much younger than anyone here.