Call From Mom in Iraq Nets 10 Day Suspension

Apparently a zero-tolerance policy about cell phones in school has landed one 17-year-old a suspension after his mom — a soldier serving in Iraq– gave him a ring during his lunch period. HoT pal Joe Stump weighs in:

Granted it was during school hours, but give me a break. They say they suspended him because he used profanities and became beligerant when asked to end the phone call.

“When a kid becomes out of control like that they can either be arrested or suspended for 10 days. Now being that his mother is in Iraq, we’re not trying to cause her any undue hardship; he was suspended for 10 days.”

They act like they did him a favor. The real travesty would be if his parents grounded him over getting suspended (or would that be irony?).

Actually, I’m pretty sure it would be ironic if his parents grounded him and told him he couldn’t use his cell phone for a week.

UPDATE: The school has reduced the suspension to three days after a massive amount of public criticism. Good to see the rational power of the blogosphere rearing its head from time to time.

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