Call for Comments: Your Favorite Libertarian Blogs

I’m looking for libertarian blogs that update regularly (at least once a day) and aren’t conspiracy wackjobs. I’m surprised there isn’t a resource out there for this (I searched google but it was pretty much a crapshoot).

Anyways, post your favorite libertarian blogs in the comments. I’m working on a nifty little idea, but it’s kinda hush-hush at the moment (maybe later this week).

PS- no need to post any sites that are already in the blogroll here, I obviously already know about them.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. Finland for Thought | Politics, current events, culture – In Finland & United States

    I’m a American Libertarian living in Finland and blog daily about politics, news, culture, libertarianism in Finland – you think that aren’t many libs in the states? Come to the socialist’s paradise of Finland and you’ll find even less. Of course we’re called “liberals” which took me a long time to get used too.

    If you’re interested in how a welfare states works (or IMO, doesn’t work) – be sure to visit my blog.

  2. Honestly? I only read this blog, timwest, and the modern american. I can’t seem to find any others that are a) actually libertarian, b) updated more than once a week… Perhaps my google search skills are lacking?

    Oh, the badnarik forum once and a while, but that seems to be losing steam.

    I actually prefer forums to blogs… just because the topics can range a lot and you can discuss an issue over time. In a blog, once the story leaves the front page, the conversation is essentially over… this limits the ability to thoroughly converse about a subject matter

  3. Stephen, I’d be interested in hearing your “hush-hush” nifty idea, if you decide to share. Check out my blog at
    My goal there is to eventually become the Libertarian version of the dems’ DailyKos and, and the repugs’

  4. well, what would be sweet is if we could sortof consolidate all the boards into one place. Now that, would be awesome

  5. Stephen, another blog I thought to suggest is Jacqueline Passey’s blog. She’s an excellent Libertarian blogger. She used to be the LP State Chair in Washington state, and she ran for some statewide office in Washington last year. Her blog is about one-third politics, one-third econ student issues, one-third personal blogging. So if you’re looking for purely libertartarian political blogs for your idea, hers wouldn’t quite fit, but otherwise, I’d include her, for sure.

  6. If you’re definitely not interested in enforcing some sort of libertarian orthodoxy, you could always include my blog, but I’m a libertarian with a small “l” who would rather take two steps forward and one step back than not move forward at all.

  7. My blog, The Modern American, is a “small-l” type libertarian blog. I focus on promoting those libertarian strategies that work in government and politics, and suggesting alternatives to those that don’t.

    My blog does not do much theory. Instead, I prefer reality-based ideas and action plans that can move us towards more liberty in our lives.