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I’ve been pretty busy lately, and not had much time to rant at HoT. As I just blogged a couple of my recent activities on other sites, I’d thought I’d link them here to catch y’all up with some political activities in Alabama.

The first event on Saturday was a peace rally in Birmingham. I was able to arrange to have Lew Rockwell added to the speaker line up. Lew’s speech is here. There was a fair amount of libertarian participation, good press, and the event went very well. My blog entry at LFS, which includes a lot of neat pictures of hard working activists, is here.

From the speech:

The US believes it can starve foreign countries such as Iraq by imposing killer sanctions that a high US official said were worth the lives of hundreds of thousands of children.

The US believes that it can use its weapons of mass destruction to threaten any country in the world on the very suspicion that it might be trying to defend itself. The US can then phony up intelligence, overthrow a leader, and install a regime of its choosing. Not to worry: its magical military Midas touch will transform that country into a paragon of democratic freedom – just as soon as all political opposition is silenced or destroyed.

In short, the US government believes that it operates under a different moral standard, not only from the moral standard that regular people apply to their own affairs, but even different from the moral standard that the US applies to other states.

And who pays the price for this moral hypocrisy? The victims of war.

Although wearing a sweaty t-shirt, I had another event immediately following the rally. I managed to take a quick shower, slap on some cologne, and put on a suit and drive to the other event in less than an hour. I met Mark “Bo” Bodenhausen along with some of his staffers at the 40th Anniversary Banquet for the Alabama ACLU. National ACLU Executive Director Anthory Romero was the key note speaker, and I managed to snap this shot of Bodenhausen and Romero waiting for the valets to return their vehicles.

Romero gave a good speech. I agreed most of it — especially on voting rights and civil liberties. As he only spewed collectivist swill in my direction a bare few times and made a lot of very valid points, my applause at the end of his talk was actually heartfelt, and not the pertunctory clapping expected at a social event like that.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Know why we lost the war in Vietnam without the fighting soldiers having ever lost a battle? Because our enemies know that all they have to do is outlast us.

    Time does not have the same meaning to our enemies as it does to us. We are a society that expects and demands instant gratification and has little or no patience when we are in uncomfortable or critical situations. Our enemies can trace their culture back milleniums, even thousands of years. They have patience and time on their side. We cannot. We are a new nation in the scheme of things.

    The same is true of the Middle East, cradle of civilization. Our enemies have the staying power, not the military power, strength or resources, and they know we are impatient and want an immediate fix just as an infant does.

    Surely they embrace the antiwar groups being dupes for their cause. Just last long enough, outlast us, and out fox us. We are doomed to fail with antiwar groups pulling this country apart again just as occurred during the sixties and early seventies. That was my generation.

    I was a soldier in the Vietnam War. I am unforgiven and scorned by my generation for standing for what I believed was right. I am now scorned by my generation’s children and soon by their children They will scorn us as the history books are very unkind. Your generation is being torn apart. There will be no healing. It never happened during my generation.

    There were those like me that stood up for what we were convinced was the right thing to do, especially when we saw how cruel and inhumane our enemies were to their own kind. They used torture and murder as a way of terrorizing their own people. They were the most cruel and vicious people I have ever known other than the Jihadists. How do I know? I was a combat soldier and was an eyewitness to the results of what they could do in the name of communism and nationalism.

    There are many like me; lost souls that never were welcome home or allowed to fully integrate back into our own culture. It is too late for us now. We came back to vile and venom of our own people. We have kept quiet. We have tried to live a somewhat normal life. You may even know one of us.

    You know what the antiwar movement is going to accomplish? We will eventually abandon Iraq and Afghanistan. Our Nation will completely lose all credibility in the world of nations. Our enemies will stand by and let us defeat ourselves again mirroring what happened during the Vietnam War. You will vilify your fellow citizens who are soldiers. You will ridicule them for being stupid enough to get killed or wounded for a lost cause. You will not welcome them into the fold. Their children will not respect them as my children do not respect me for positions I took long ago.

    I am saddened in the glee and happiness the enemies of our military get when they see them in their worse light such as Abu Ghraib, the few renegades that commit criminal acts, and then generalize to the soldier population as a whole as being cruel, evil killing machines.

    A village massacre by criminal soldiers at My Lai, Vietnam rubbed off on all soldiers and soiled us forever, including me and I had nothing to do with that criminal act. Again, some Americans are picking out the abuses that occur and using that to generalize to the entire fight we are in for our survival. I believe we will see attacks on this country that will horrify even the most hardened hearts because we will not take the fight to our enemies but will let them bring it to us. God help us as I honestly do not believe our citizens have the fortitute to fight it out on our own soil when it comes, not if it comes.

    One cannot negotiate with the devil. Neville Chambers tried prior to World War II and created a situation that almost cost Great Britian its autonomy forever. Walk out of Iraq now and give up the fight and all I can say is God have mercy on our souls.

  2. Julian,

    I would like to first thank you for serving our country. My step dad is also a Vietnam veteran.

    Many of your points I happen to agree with such as the fact that a few soldiers are bad people and commit horrible acts but I am sure they don’t represent all our soldiers. Hell one of my friends is in the military and I can’t imagine him doing any of these acts.

    I am neither for nor against the war in Iraq. I also disagree with you on a few issues. I think that we should take our troops out of Europe and place them at our borders to protect the country. If there are so many terrorists in Iraq than it is very possible for one to enter our country with our open borders. I also think that very soon we should at least consider bringing our troops home as safely as possible but I also acknowledge we should do so with respect for them once they return home.

    I hope and pray for a solution to this problem soon.

  3. Julian, your mindset is obviously immune to any type of debate so attempting to persuade you would be wasteful. I agree with some of what you said, but overall I disagree with suggestions that withdrawing from the Middle East will hurt us or that the soldiers will be ‘villified.’ And can we really lose more credibility than we already have?

    It seems your world is a dark one… It sounds like you are a religious man so I hope you find solace in your beliefs because, it isn’t going to get better any time soon.

    I am neither for nor against the war in Iraq.

    Wow, an Iraq War agnostic… You are the only person I know of that’s sitting on the fence with this issue. What do you need to see/hear to persuade you either way?

  4. Mike,

    Well I disagree with the Presidents reasons for war and I think he lied about Saddam Hussein being involved with Bin Laden.

    It is my opinion that the war was justified based on the fact that Saddam Hussein was an evil man who went around killing people who disagreed with him. I also don’t think the war was constitutional since it was not declared by congress.

    If I were President I would not have gone to war but I can’t say that I support the war or not support it. I also don’t think it is the United States job to go around playing world police since Saddam never attacked us and would never have attacked us. If President I would have probably focused on a true terrorist nation such as Iran or North Korea.

    My opinion is that our President wanted this war before he was even elected and he somehow felt 9/11 gave him justification for it.