Bush’s Boxers Rebellion

Bush boxers bonerThe Bush Administration has shown it has a firm hand coddling the cotton-clad undergarments of the American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition (AMTAC), another big textile industry and Washington lobbyist group:

The administration action will impose limits on the amount of cotton trousers, cotton knit shirts and underwear that China can ship to this country. American retailers say that will drive up prices for U.S. consumers.

In announcing the decision Friday, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said a government investigation had found that a surge in shipments from China since global quotas were eliminated on Jan. 1 was disrupting the domestic market.

Clearly this (competition, ugh) had the campaign contributors in the textile industry’s panties in a bunch. Now tell me this action sounds like the same free trade advocate of 1999:

“I’ll work to end tariffs and break down barriers everywhere, entirely, so the whole world trades in freedom. The fearful build walls. The confident demolish them. I am confident in American workers and farmers and producers. And I am confident that America’s best is the best in the world.”
– George W. Bush campaign speech

Woops, looks like we caught Bush with his boxers around his ankles bending over for lobbyists.

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