Bulldozing Bloomberg’s Stadium Deal

Bloomberg/taxpayers football reacharoundThis has got to be the best rant I’ve seen against the proposed taxpayer-subsidized Jets stadium in New York. Spot-on and not a single pulled punch:

Almost nothing proves a politician’s fitness for office better than his ability to convince the public to fund a new sports stadium. You can doubt an elected official all you like, but any mayor or governor who can convince a majority of the electorate to hand over a quarter of a billion dollars to a bunch of gazillionaires ought to be given a goddamn medal. If he can pull off that sales job like Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty or Michael Bloomberg, with a straight face and a halo over his head, then he should be seriously considered as a candidate for sainthood.

Because in this world, there are little white lies, there are cynical public come-ons, and there is rank, fiendish bullshit; and then there is taking $300 or $600 million away from teachers and firefighters and police and handing it over to the heir of the Johnson & Johnson fortune, and asking for nothing but a job flipping burgers in return.

For that same money, the city of New York could buy the New York Knicks for $500 million or so, fire the idiot Isaiah Thomas, replace him with Daniel Doctoroff or anyone else with an IQ over ten, earmark the remaining $100 million to sign LeBron James a few years from now, and then spend the next decade after that quietly collecting the $150 million in annual revenues that the Knicks rake in now, even sucking as badly as they currently do.

That would be a shrewd business move and a legitimate public service.

I bet that if Mayor Bloomberg takes this plan into the election with him, his opponents will mop the floor with his Republican/conservative credibility.

» TAKE US OUT TO THE BALLGAME [New York Press] (via Reason: Hit & Run)

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. One thing that always angered me was that the government wastes more money on sports and continues to have a deficit. Why not have the teams take the money they make from sells to buy there own stadiums. It might be to simple and might work.

  2. You have to admit, getting New Yorkers to pay for this particular stadium won’t require much “convincing.” It’s funny to me where the passions of many people lie. I mean, I love football as much as the next guy, but I think that stadium could be built all the same without Joe Sixpack’s contributions.