Bloomberg’s Stadium Deal: Fumbled at the 40

This is good news. Albany lawmakers decided they had enough of the corporate welfare stadiums not built in their districts that New York mayor Michael Bloomberg was proposing and decided to nix the stadium proposal (and pretty much render it dead):

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who held veto power over the stadium, said yesterday that he could not support the project on the West Side, along with the large commercial redevelopment plan the mayor has proposed, because it would undermine the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan, his district.

“Am I supposed to turn my back on Lower Manhattan as it struggles to recover?” Mr. Silver asked at an Albany news conference. “For what? A stadium? For the hope of bringing the Olympics to New York City?”

Joseph L. Bruno, the Senate majority leader, also declined to support the project, saying he had not been given enough information about it. He tried, but failed, to win support for a plan to authorize the stadium only if the city won its bid for the Olympics.

Reason: Hit & Run paints a picture of political meandering, saying “The expressed reasons do not make a lot of sense and seem to hide a ton of backroom politics,” but the overall outcome should be a win for libertarians.

We noted earlier that many New Yorkers were very vocally opposed to the stadium proposal.

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