Billboard Entry: “Fire the Government, again”

Fire the government, again

This one is me again, I’m posting all the entries submitted so far which had images. Remember you can link your entry to any of these contest posts or send it in via email.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. I don’t know, I almost like this one better as simply, “Fire the government.” The “again” makes me wonder when it was first fired (the Revolution?), but maybe that confusion is a good thing.

    But I like the symbolism of the flame. I think libertarians should make the flame that a libertarian symbol. It’s a nice brand.

  2. I think this one lacks something. I guess you might call it missing “pop”.

  3. I agree with Lenny… it is unfinished. How about turning that flame into a torch in a hand… perhaps walking through the doors of congress. Build the mob as you will. ;-)