Bill Clinton Condoms

Word comes from The Changing Face of America that a Chinese company is honoring former President Clinton by naming a new line of condoms after him.

A Chinese company is honoring ex-president Bill Clinton by naming a new line of condoms after him – along with a companion line of condoms that will be named after his ex-girlfriend, Monica Lewinsky.

Reports Britain’s Sky News: The Guangzhou Haokian Bio-science company has registered their names as trademarks for the contraceptives.

The condoms will display Chinese spellings: Kelitun and Laiwensiji.

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I can think of a long list of sex toys that may be named in the future for our elected leaders. Once again this just goes to prove the government will screw you one way or another.

  1. After talking to a few people it has been decided erected works best.

    Your comment along with an epsiode of the Simpsons gives me an idea for a possible title for a post in the future.