Big Brother’s Kickass Ford F250

DHS surveillance truckThe normally tight-lipped Department of Homeland Security recently had these photos of a tricked out surveillance truck leak onto the Internet (via Boing Boing). I give it a week before the slapdown comes in the form of a national security knock at the ISP’s door.

I’m all for using these kinds of techniques to catch the “bad guy” so to speak, but when it comes to enforcing the PATRIOT Act, they’ve created a loose interpretation of who fits the mould and are using it to go after drug dealers when they need to be focusing on what they were created to combat: the terrorist organization operating in the U.S. named Al Qaida.

But in all honesty, the truck is actually pretty damn cool looking, from a technological standpoint. And when did they stop using the standard white van with the non-existent plumbing company applique on the side? This actually looks like something straight out of Pimp My Ride, minus the 20-inch dub spinners and neon lights. Though I would bet there’s an X-Box tucked away somewhere in there for when the snoops get bored late night on a stake-out.

Of course if you see this truck in your neighborhood (Florida plates A38 BEG), then you might want to hold off on smoking that doob for a while… mkay?