Are Democrats More Conservative Than Republicans?

One of my rants for some time has been that Democrats tend to govern more conservatively than Republicans. The most obvious example is that Dubya and Company have spent far more on domestic items (even discounting Homeland Stupidity and War on Terror expenditures) than his predecessor. They’ve trounced the Bill of Rights with the Patriot Act and announced an unconstitutional war while in control of both houses of Congress.

I’ve made comments before that Howard Dean was more Second Amendment friendly than el presidente. Bob Barr more clearly added gun control to the mix:

Speaking on the topic of the second amendment, Barr said that his position as a board member on the NRA enabled him to judge the difference between how the Clinton and Bush administration’s approached the issue. Barr echoed the sentiments of many other prominent conservatives in expressing his frustration about how the Bush administration was even more anti-second amendment than the Clinton office.

“it’s my impression to be honest with you, and this is confirmed by a lot of folks who are involved very heavily in regulatory matters involving firearms, that it is more difficult dealing with this administration than it was dealing with the prior administration.”

The lines used to be blurred about which party was more left-wing. As things develop a bit more clearly into focus, it almost seems that the Democrats are the more conservative of the two big political parties. Let me be clear about something. Individual Democrats still tend to be more liberal and individual Republicans tend to be more conservative, which means that both groups should be busy firing their party leaders.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Blurry indeed. It has been my opinion for quite some time that the liberal / conservative battle has never really been. This is distraction for the common man, nothing more. It seems we latch on with a death grip onto an ideology and wish to do battle with those who are supposedly believe otherwise.

    I think it has become more of a confusion for most people. I believe that the majority of United States citizens would rather have smaller government and more personal freedoms.

    What does this mean?

    Liberal toward Personal Freedoms…

    Conservative toward Government Growth and Scope…

    What does this get you!?


  2. The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness…This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.
    — Plato, The Republic

    What more can one say…

  3. Stop,

    I agree with you. But I’d rather fight an intellectually honest battle with someone who openly admits to being for big government than the dishonest war being waged right now.


    Was that Plato or a Nostradamus prediction about Dubya?

  4. Stephen,
    I agree with you. I sincerely hope that the people are also sick of the half-truths and dishonesty of the 2 major parties…

    *I had more intelligent stuff to say but the MSNBC ad keeps distracting me! Shame on MSNBC for using Porn to advertise their tasteless, biased, garbage they call news. ;-)

  5. Interesting post. I do think that the tides have turned in the past decade as to who is viewed as the lesser of the two evils in Washington. Quite a few libertarians who were more interested in courting the Repubs have now turned their eye to courting the Dems.

    I definitely think Dean’s stance on the second amendment and his fiscal responsiblity are often overlooked. Another impression I have of Dean is, that whether ot agree or disagree with him, he is his own man. It is well known that the leadership of the Dems and their special interests didn’t want Dean to become chairman. I think they felt the same way about him. Hopefully he can get their party back to the people; the grassroots.

  6. Bear in mind that Howard Dean favors a Federal ban on certain semi automatic rifles, most notably the kind that maintain evil looking features such as bayonet lugs and pistol grips. Dean also feels that states can pass all the gun owner regulations they wish and that the 2nd Amendment guarantees only apply at the Federal level and not the states. Surely, Dean was not an anti gun leader, but he is very amenable to gun control legislation and cannot be counted on to uphold and protect law abiding citizen’s natural right to keep and bear arms. A very typical Democrat, if you ask me.

  7. Fagan,

    I’m not a Dean fan. I’m merely suggesting that people look at the actual record of both parties, as opposed to the spin they produce.

  8. I was a Reagan fanatic in ’62 and his youngest supporter on record. Even met the infamous Gen. Walker who supported Reagan. I left the movement. Too many kooks. Demos tend to be social animals (We the people) and Reps, paranoid corporate fascists. I went back to Washington, Jefferson, and Paine.