Ann Coulter Hecklers Bounced

A student was dragged out of an Ann Coulter speech Tuesday night at the University of Texas at Austin after asking pointed (yet apropos) questions comprised of lewd language:

Coulter said she supported the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman on the basis that a good woman civilizes and inspires a man to strive for something better, leading to a question that was met with a stunned silence.

“You say that you believe in the sanctity of marriage,” said Ajai Raj, an English sophomore. “How do you feel about marriages where the man does nothing but f*@k his wife up the ass?”

Police then seized Raj and dragged him out of the room and charged him with disorderly conduct. Personally, I’d like to know Coulter’s answer to Raj’s question and posit my own follow-up: “How do you feel about marriages where the man does nothing but masturbate horse phallus’s while his wife laughs and goes to see male strippers?” Oh dang, someone already beat me to that one. Maybe we can get the Austin police to issue a warrant on the FLOTUS on charges of disorderly conduct, no?

UPDATE: Vox Popoli says the attention Laura Bush’s jokes are getting is ridiculous. I agree, but I wanted to make a point about the hypocrisy. If it had been a liberal making those self-deprecating jokes you know the GOP noise machine would be in high gear.

SMOKING UPDATE: The Smoking Gun has the affidavit of the arrest.

UPDATE, HARD: How could I forget this gem of a satire from the Internet… “I Fucked Ann Coulter up the Ass, Hard.

CONSTITUTIONALLY UPDATED: Eugene (a law professor) over at The Volokh Conspiracy weights in: “If the facts in the affidavit are accurate, then it looks like the student has an excellent First Amendment defense.” He doesn’t defend the rudeness of the question or the vulgarity, but notes: “Simply getting the crowd riled up doesn’t make the speech unprotected. Simply saying offensive things to Coulter doesn’t make the speech unprotected.”

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