And They Were Called Off… Why?

This may be some wishful fiction being floated, but the BBC picked up a story from NPR where the CIA had orders to go kill Osama Bin Laden in the days after 9/11 and deliver his head back on ice:

Gary Schroen flew out soon after the attacks on New York and Washington, helping to set up the 2001 invasion, he told US National Public Radio.

He recalled his orders from the CIA’s counter-terrorism chief.

“Capture Bin Laden, kill him and bring his head back in a box on dry ice,” he quoted Cofer Black as saying.

As for other leaders of Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network in Afghanistan, Mr Black reportedly said: “I want their heads up on pikes.”

Defense Tech warns to take the story with “a large sackful of salt”, and I’m in agreement. After all there’s no corroboration from any current CIA officials on this mission and it’s curious that a plan this bold was never announced publicly until now, not even for for PR purposes (which the Bush administration seems keen to exploit).

However, I do have my suspicions that the CIA might be floating this piece of fantastic 9/11 fiction on order to turn national attention back to Bin Laden and the war against Al Qaida, in which case I applaud them for the effort and hope more news sources start digging into our seemingly stagnant efforts to hunt down OBL.

‘Bring me the head of Bin Laden’ [BBC] (via Defense Tech)

Stephen VanDyke

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