A Press Release the LP Should Post Tomorrow

Since George Getz is probably going to lock himself in his office tomorrow, crack open a case of dirty imported rum and drink himself into a foggy stupor (as usual, the poor sod), I hope I can at least help him do his job and respond to the latest government travesty. Here is a complete and ready-to-send press release that takes on the Bush administration’s complete avoidance of anything resembling fiscal conservatism:

February 8, 2005
Libertarian Party - http://lp.org/
Contact: George Getz ?Äì Communications Director
Office: (202) 333-0008 ext. 222
Email: GeorgeGetz@hq.lp.org

Bush Conservatism Fooled us Twice:
Massive Growth in Government Spending Despite Rhetoric

Tear up the Republican’s 1996 “Contract With America,” there’s a new spendthrift in town. President Bush’s $2.6 trillion dollar proposed budget is the largest in U.S. history, and continues to herald in an era of big-government Republicanism to match the excess of the Democrats. Libertarian Party Director Joe Seehusen said of the spending, “Bush’s campaign promised fiscal responsibility, and that promise has fallen flat on its face in record time. Millions of Americans who chose between the lesser of two evils in November are now seeing that when it comes to domestic spending, both Democrats and Republicans are selling out and cashing in on big government growth.”

Indeed, Bush has never met a spending bill he didn’t like, and has yet to veto any bill during his term in office, 377 became law from the 107th Congress, 498 became law from the 108th Congress, and 1 became law from the newly assembled 109th Congress. He is the first president since Martin Van Buren to spend an entire term in the White House without vetoing a single bill.

“It’s pathetic, the Republicans pandered during the election to small-government conservatives who want to see responsible spending measures and then pulled the rug out after the people chose,” chortled Seehusen. “They think they can pull the wool over the eyes of America and make token gestures by cutting the fat away from the bone instead of the layers of pork and waste that’s been piling up on top. The Republicans have proven that they are just as irresponsible as the Democrats in their spending and Americans are waking up to this sham.”

“This is a promise in which his position so far is not credible,” said William A. Niskanen, a former economic advisor to President Reagan and chairman of the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank. “President Bush also promised to reduce the deficit in half last year, but it went up $15 billion.”

George Getz, Communications Director for the Libertarian Party explained the predicament, “Not only are the cuts inadequate, they are poorly executed. There’s billions of dollars of waste in the Pentagon and numerous pet projects that our country simply does not need. Even Libertarians agree that we need to continue funding to the military and ensure the defense of our nation, but to blow over $10 billion a year developing a Cold-War era missile defense system when we were attacked by men who used boxcutters to hijack airplanes is more than embarrassing to our national security, it’s downright ignorant.”

And the missile defense system is just the tip of the iceberg, from multi-billion dollar subsidies exporting arms to the over-blown and over-budget V-22 Osprey that has slurped down almost $43 billion and is still unflightworthy. The level of Pentagon pork continues to grow at a phenomenal rate while troops in the field are underpaid and underequipped.

But some argue that deficit spending is nothing new and that Bush’s proposed budget is still far shy of Ronald Reagan’s 1983 deficit, when measured as a share of the gross national product. Seehusen dismisses this with a wave of his hand, “The Republicans today are just like the Democrats of yester-year: they want to try and say they are for tax cuts, or they are for budget cuts and smaller government, but instead they are continuing the D.C. culture of spending your money in a reckless manner so that the federal government can pretend to take care of everyone and everything under the sun, while ballooning in size and operating horribly inefficiently. Ask any American and they will agree that they don’t want a behemoth government that gorges itself on deficits. Yet neither the Republicans or the Democrats can show any restraint anymore when it comes to spending your money. And with another record-breaking budget and more deficit spending, it’s clear that the only party that really and truly cares about fiscal conservatism anymore are Libertarians.”

How would you like to see that as the official rebuttal to Bush’s massive spending spree?

Stephen VanDyke

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