A Libertarian, Paleoconservative, Progressive and Liberal Reason to Impeach Bush

I was going to write yet another in a long series of rants on the Patriot Act tonight until I connected two bits of recent news together. Obviously, we carry a lot of Patriot Act news at HoT, but there may no longer be a point to any continuance of the effort.
Libertarians, paleoconservatives, progressives and liberals alike are likely to be wasting their time fighting the Patriot Act considering the recent relevations that Bush blatantly acted outside of the Constitution (and even the questionable FISA) with respect to civil liberties issues.
If Bush is above the law, what is the reason for having law in the first place? Is there any point to be made about how the law actually reads if it is disregarded anyway? Following GOP calls for impeachment over a blowjob and a cum-stained blue dress, I’ve been slow to jump on board this bandwagon, but perhaps it is now time for a serious call for impeachment. For a variety of reasons, many have called for impeachment before. Others have hesitated a bit. Perhaps now we can all work together on this unified line-of-attack.