A Case of Mistaken Identity?

Vibrator bongAccording to this report, police in Joliet, IL intentionally and unnessarily confronted a teen about his mother’s private sex habits:

Police served the first search warrant with the intent to locate marijuana they believed her son, Brandon, then 18, was selling. Dorothy Campbell was not home when police arrived, but her son and four of his friends were, according to the lawsuit.

Officers handcuffed Brandon Campbell and his friends, then “went into (Dorothy Campbell’s) dresser drawers and found (her) personal and private sex toys,” the lawsuit said.

The officers “did not and could not have reasonably believed that (her) private and personal sex toys constituted evidence of possession of cannabis … or any other crime,” according to the lawsuit.

Still, the officers took them from the dresser and showed them to Campbell’s son, asking him what his mother did with them, the lawsuit states. Then, “the raiding party took (her) personal and private sex toys and used

them for their own amusement and left them strewn about the residence,” according to the lawsuit.

The article indicates that no marijuana was found, and no arrest were made. They later produced a second warrant based on what is likely to be a bogus claim of child porn to cover their asses from the first warrant. Watch out for a third warrant, where some weed will appear in the house magicly from thin air (or from the pocket of one of the cops serving the warrant).

To give the cops the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they confused the Vibratex Hungry Bear with drug paraphernalia.

Props: Loretta and Terry

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Ridiculous :)

    And people wonder why no one takes cops seriously anymore. I imagine they had a grand ole time running around slapping each other across the neck with some of the toys.

    Though I imagine their party would have been a whole lot more fun if they found some marijuana. Idiots

  2. Nice morph of that smoking apparatus into a… smoking apparatus. ;-)

    Well hell if that is all I have to do to distract the cops…. my wife is getting a whole heap of new sex toys for her birthday this year!

    Seriously though, I have a couple cop buddies in various towns/precincts here in AZ… they are human and like to look at porn and watch videos too.

    I am going to forward this on to them which I am certain that at least 3 out of the 4 of them will disagree with what was done. The other…. well he is a redneck through and through… but good to have around if you have any squirrels lurking about!