After 4 Years, 9/11 Questions Still Linger

WTCs on fireIt’s here. The 4th anniversary of the largest “terrorist” attack that this country has ever faced. To me, it’s plainly obvious that 9/11 was not just planes flying into buildings. It is after no less than 80-100 hours of personal research, using all resources available (both original and compilations from other researchers), that I know and believe that 9/11 was a controlled demolition. I do not make such a claim lightly, and I’m willing to stake my reputation on it.

To those of you who dismiss this right from the get-go with statements like “oh come on, why would the government do that.” or “You’re a dumb ass.” I ask you one question. Who befitted the most from 9/11 – Bush or Al Qaeda?

Did Al Qaeda pass the USA PATRIOT ACT? Nope. But Bush certainly pushed it through with no opposition shortly after.

Did Al Qaeda get to invade Afghanistan and Iraq against minimum opposition while playing the 9/11 card? Nope, that would be Bush.

Does Al Qaeda get to endlessly repeat “remember 9/11” as a pretext for every loss of our civil liberties which further empowers the federal government? Hahaha, nope. Bush wins again!

Does Al Qaeda immediately get big boasts in the defense spending budgets to hand out to political friends and allies? Nope, but damn, those weapon sales sure help boast their bottom line don’t they!

I don’t know if you’re keeping track here, but I think Al Qaeda has a big fat 0 on the scoreboard.

I’m also not alone in my beliefs. It’s almost silly to call it a belief when I have no question in my mind, but I’ll leave it at that. I’m joined by many others in this country that know the government was involved. Experts like Kevin Ryan and Eric Hufschmid have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the physics of how the towers collapsed is not possible (particularly building 7, which was hit by no plane and had a tiny fire on one of the bottom floors). Former Bush administration member Morgan Reynolds came out and refuted the official story point by point. Well respected theologian David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor and 9/11 Commission Report. Admissions and Distortions, has given countless speeches across the country arguing that 9/11 was not just the towers falling down. It’s been used as a pretext by the administration for building and expanding the American empire. Even survivors like William Rodriquez has been interviewed countless times regarding his testimony of explosions in the WTC basement that occurred shortly after the planes hit one of the towers.

This is not something I heard from a hippie on the street folks. This is not something I heard from the man with the tin foiled hat. This is serious. This is real.

I offer you one last thought to ponder before I list the questions. After seeing the Katrina/FEMA debacle, is it that hard to imagine that the powers that be really don’t care about the lives of the citizens in this country?

Without further ado, the questions (most courtesy of that have not been addressed by the likes of CNN, FOX, NY Times, Times Magazine, or any other mainstream media source.

How is it possible that at least 6 of the hijackers were still alive days after the attacks?

Is it pure coincidence that FEMA was in New York on September 10? Why did they deny this fact?

Where were the 800°C infernos in the buildings?

Why didn’t firefighters in the impact area of WTC 2 report a blazing inferno or failing trusses before the building’s collapse? Folks, these firefighters were AT THE IMPACT CENTER. The transcripts show this. They reported 2 pockets of fire. And they took down the buildings?

Why did firefighters report bombs in the WTC buildings? Why did firefighters report explosions before the collapses?

Larry Silverstein said of WTC 7 “the smartest thing to do is pull it” (i.e. demolish it), and all evidence points to this occurring. When and why were demolition charges placed in the building?

How could conventional fires produce temperatures in excess of 700°C in the WTC wreckage?

How could conventional fires in the WTC wreckage burn for three months?

How come one of the towers was able to withstand a 3 hour 6 floor fire and not collapse?

How could 3 World Trade Center towers collapse from fire, when fire has never destroyed a steel frame building before or after the alleged fire collapses on 9/11?

I realize the questions can be unbelievably painful, but they have to be asked. You cannot bury your head in the sand. Despite what the politicians want you to believe, it’s not unpatriotic to question your government. In fact, in doing so, you keep them in check and make it harder for the power of government to grow beyond it’s intended purpose. I think we can all agree that the government is becoming to large and powerful. That things like our constitutionally protected rights are merely “inconvenient” to them.

You want small government? Show the people that they’ve been lied to in regards to 9/11. Show them that the government doesn’t value them. Show them that the power we’ve granted them has become largely abused, and hopefully will see the light.

Spread the word, please. The lies must stop. If you’re ashamed to do what’s right, for fear of being ridiculed as a “conspiracy nut”, then allow me to quote my main man Mark Twain.

“In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man; brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

Update: Apparently this post has struck a nerve with some people. I imagine it has. But I can’t think of another theory besides controlled demolition that can explain how the events of 9/11 happened. If someone can explain to me how Al Qaeda not only flew planes into the buildings, but wired it up as well, I’m all ears.

Update 2: Here’s a very thorough and comprehensive 9/11 research organization. Chock full of pictures and details galore. Enjoy.

  1. I have been called a communist and anti-american when I raised questions about hijackers being alive and the only way the building colapsed was by a controled demolation and even provided proof of the owner of the WTC 7 saying they pulled the building so I will not go into detail about my opinion but God bless you for bringing this to peoples attention.

  2. I’ve reviewed a LOT of the “evidence” related to 9/11 and have also came to the same conclusion many others have. Too much doesn’t add up. If you want to believe in “conspiracy theories” go ahead. I believe this is conspiracy FACT. And if it strikes a nerve with some, then so be it. Great quote by Mark Twain!

  3. Wow…I have to say that I don’t fall in line with this camp. You guys can’t be serious. The government can’t get its shit straight with its response to a hurricane that we knew about well in advance, and you think this was a result of a planned demolition?

    “I ask you one question. Who befitted the most from 9/11 – Bush or Al Qaeda?”

    Both benefited. Al Qaeda for saying FU to the US, and Bush so he could try to place himself in the history books as a war president.

  4. Rob,

    Is your contention that they didn’t have the means to do it? Or that they couldn’t have possibly planned it because they are bumbling idiots?

    My counter points.
    -It’s like everyone in the gov has to know about it for it to happen.
    -It would had to have been a military operation yes/no? FEMA might be a bunch of tards, I grant you that. But would special forces?
    -Finally. Look at the facts. I’m saying that the towers fell by controlled demolition based on the physics. Now either Osama did this or Bush did this. If Osama, why not just blame him like everything else?


  5. The means to do it? No, my main contention would be the intent. I see absolutely no net positive for ANY government to be involved in something like this. It’s absolutely ludicrous. And before you jump to the, “but what about Waco & Abu ghraib” type arguments…those are examples not of government conspiracy, but of what happens when you have an overzealous military combined with the presumption that there would probably be no accountability.

    There were obvious intelligence failures, as documented by the 9/11 commission report and by certain higher ups in the Alphabet soup CIA, FBI, etc., etc. groups.

    Watch this documentary…”The Man Who Knew”

    The various intelligence agencies failed to communicate with each other, much like the local, state, and federal goverments failed to communicate about Katrina.

    I won’t go into a point by point refutation of all those questions that were raised because they’ve been answered already.

    I suggest reading this for how the WTC collapsed.

  6. What about the hijackers being alive, a passport from one of the alive hijackers falling out of the exploded plane all the way down to the ground undamaged and being found and then we find out he was alive and no way it could have survived. When the government picks the pannel to investigate wouldn’t that be like letting a pitcher call balls and strikes.

    Have you ever heard of the northwoods memo?

    I will get a link for you to watch a documentary free on the internet of one man’s opinion of what happened. I will look at your information if you look at mine.

  7. jake stated

    “I will get a link for you to watch a documentary free on the internet of one man’s opinion of what happened. I will look at your information if you look at mine.”

    alright, let’s keep this conversation clean :)

    anyway, as per a video clip. “loose change” is the best DVD i’ve come across in terms of being well presented, to the point, and factually sound.

    and yes, i know i know, it’s being hosted at prisonplanet, which most feel is a group of wacko nut jobs. Just deal with it for a second and watch the damn video.

  8. Rick,

    I will have to watch what I say. That was not what I was talking about but anyway if I can find the video I was refering to I will make a comment on it, the man makes a case against the governments story of 9/11.

    I will look at news stories about 9/11 but I am not willing to show my “Information” and don’t want to see anyone else’s “Information.” Just to clear that up.

    I look forward to having this debate so we can learn more about what happened.

  9. Rob D,

    You contend that there would be no positive outcome for anyone in the USA from 9/11.

    Download this document, called “Rebuilding Americas Defenses”

    Look at pg 51

    “… further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a NEW PEARL HARBOR”.

    And think about it. To go to war, you need public support. How many times were terr’ists or Al Qaeda used as excuses. But let’s look at history.

    “Remember the maine. To hell with spain!” quite a rallying cry
    “A day that will live in infamy” another powerful emotion

    NOTE, i’m not contending that these were conspiracies. That’s not the point. However, If our government was looking to get into war, these offered very useful rallying centers to get public sentiment riled up and ready to go.

    Let me put it this way, if 9/11 had not occured, would we have invaded Iraq? If we did, it would have taken the administration a heck of a lot longer to convince the public to do so. But promising to do this to prevent another 9/11 really struck a chord with enough americans.

    It’s not absurd. Anger is one of the best motivators you use to get people on your side. “Those fucking towel heads!” It becomes real easy to pit us versus them.

    So Rob, are you saying that no one benefitted from 9/11 in a political sense?

    Man, Rudy did such a good job after the recovery that people were asking him to be president!

  10. Jake,

    Sorry, was just joking around on the “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours portion”. No worries.

    I look forward to debate too. I am by no means perfect and have changed my perspective on some things over the years. I used to believe the official story until people started questioning me about it (as I’m a materials science engineer). When I started digging, I kept becoming more convinced that something was amiss.

    and thus, here I am.

  11. Rick,

    I thought that was funny I just wanted to clear that up that way no one sent me an e-mail of their “Information.”

    A friend of mine told me that he didn’t believe the government on 9/11 and I thought he was crazy but I decided to investigate myself and while I admit I don’t know what happened I don’t believe the governments story after about five months of research.

  12. You people cannot be serious. How many people would have to be involved? Do you think that many people could closed mouthed? This just reinforces my belief that the Libertarian Party and those in the fringes are a bunch of lunatics.

    Wake up. There are many people in the world that would destroy us. Where in the hell have you people been? It is a good thing that there are Americans willing to defend our way of life, even with all our imperfections, back stabbing and squabbling.

  13. Julian,

    I find it more plausible than 19 cave dwellers miraculously beating all security at the airport, getting NORAD to stand down and not take them out over forbidden airspace, and then managing to live after the whole ordeal.

    Speak facts, not personal attacks please.

  14. Rick,

    Do you also believe we never went to the moon, the space shuttles do not exist and we have aliens from other universes living among us?

  15. We don’t know what happened but we don’t believe the official 9/11 story. Is it wrong to question authority. If the people of Germany would have done this it could have prevented World War ll.

    We are working to find out what happened.

    With the second amendment I can defend my own way of life from terrorists and murderers, with the patriot act, real id, and all the regulations I have no life to defend.

    Anything is possible here and Rick is just asking questions that the government that works for us must answer if we are a free society.

  16. Julian,

    This post is about 9/11. Stop using moons, aliens, and whatever else as a distraction. I’m asking some fairly simple questions that the government either cannot or will not answer.

    If you can’t question your government, how can you hold them accountable?

    If you can’t hold them accountable, what is stopping them from doing whatever the hell they want?

    I guess us mere “Citizens” should only allow the media to ask the questions and give it to us in nice prepackaged reports that don’t make us worry our pretty little heads. Some nice softball questions here with nice infographics. Hey, least then we won’t be backstabbing!

  17. During Hitlers reign to power he had the Reistag burned which rallied the people behind him and suspended their “constitution”. There seems to be some disturbing parallels with the events of 9/11.

    The facts that I have seen tell me a story that is deeply troubling at best. The 9/11 story as told does not match the evidence presented.

    We are not here to serve the “interests” of the government, but this is what’s happening. There are too many out there either unwilling, too scared, or too brainwashed to question the motives of the government which has resulted in many of our God given rights (notice I didn’t mention “constitutional rights”) to be stripped from us, and most don’t even realize it.

    Is it wrong to question this government? Are we here to serve them without any thought of their motives? I say NO!

  18. In fairness Rick, Al-Qaeda’s primary aims with 9/11 were to kill innocent people, not get the USA Patriot Act through congress, or invade iraq etc… You seem to forget they scored roughly 3,000 in this objective.

  19. Simon Molony,

    You are right. I do not believe our government was involved in 911, Americans deserved what happened, or it could have been prevented if our leaders had been more competent. All the excuses to pardon the behavior of the facist radical twisted terrorists does not wash.

    I do believe, however, that our Government did seize the moment to erode some of our freedoms. The Patriot Act is one example. Both the left wing socialist Democrats and the right wing Nazi Republicans are to blame for attempting to dismantle the Constitution, each for different reasons, but with the same end results – loss of freedom and exercise of absolute will over the people by a few.

  20. Simon… the Act itself is not the issue… it is the pork in the Act and other bills passede shortly after. People were so hell-bent on proving their support for the dead and showing nationalistic pride that we made well thought out decisions that should be included in future history books such as freedom fries and freedom toast.

    Yup… millions of American workers were out of jobs yet congress had the nerve to focus on renaming ‘american’ foods. What is worse than this ignorance is the scores of ignorant folks out there who supported this bullshit!

    If this trivial and ignorant fluff was passed what else was? I believe someone on here would have a much more accurate tally than I as to what all the pork was in each bill that has been passed since the 9/11 “attack”. Please voice it!

  21. Julian-absolutely. The same thing is happening over here since the attacks on London in July, although the legislation is not likely to be as dramatic as the USA Patriot Act. To use this as evidence that the government in question arranged the mass murder of it’s own citizens is, in either case, completely absurd. There is only one way in which jumbo jets get deliberately crashed into high-rise office buildings as a way of killing people, and that is when ultra-extremist fanatics take it upon themselves to do so. The idea of a ‘controlled demolition’ seems to ignore a huge body of evidence, including the phone calls made from the hijacked planes-and the one brought down before it could reach it’s target? Was this planned aswell to make the whole thing seem more plausible? Bush is not the smartest of president, in fact he is a very poor leader, but i somewhat doubt he is a mass-murderer. Of course we must always question our governments and their actions, but there is absolutely no way any government could set up, and cover up, an event such as 9/11, even if they did exploit it’s aftermath.

  22. an obvious controlled demolition… if you had dropped an object at the same time the buildings began to collapse, they would have fallen at the exact same speed… meaning when one floor fell against the floor below, the floor gave absolutely no resistence… which is impossible unless it was a controlled demolition!

  23. BTW, the link in this pathetic sentence doesn’t work:

    “How is it possible that at least 6 of the hijackers were still alive days after the attacks?”

    I don’t believe they were alive, but I can’t check your shady “facts” because the link to is busted. Nice work!

  24. link fixed.
    and I haven’t actually met these individuals to confirm they are still alive, but it’s been reported by a variety of sources from the BBC down. The updated link has the sources of these articles.


  25. So how does the ‘controlled demolition’ theory explain the minor details of the large jumbo jets which were seen being crashed into the towers that morning?

  26. Sorry, me again. Just been reading the theories about the fire not being hot enough to melt the steel. I’m no expert (obviously), but wouldnt a large jumbo jet crashing into a building cause some structural damage anyway, regardless of the ensuing inferno. I think it probably would, making it likely for the fire to cause a great deal more damage than it would usually. Its all well and good saying we must question our governments and their actions, but your forgetting to question these bizarre theories aswell. Also, the stuff about the six terrorists being found alive later seems a bit pointless, as all 6 came out to deny they were involved. Perhaps they were wrongly identified, or the hijackers used different identities. If these 6 were so easily traced afterwards, why weren’t the others?

  27. All that link tells me is that some people were incorrectly identified, and in some cases, by the likes of CNN. Who cares?

  28. Rick:

    You said “I find it more plausible than 19 cave dwellers miraculously beating all security at the airport, getting NORAD to stand down and not take them out over forbidden airspace, and then managing to live after the whole ordeal”


    First, these folks were living in the US, for the most part, so they certainly weren’t “cave dwellers”. They have opposable thumbs and understanding of technology (they did attend flight school, right?) so to refer to them as such undermines your already weak argument. As far as the “getting NORAD” to stand down, who are you trying to kid? Are you implying they had permission? Finally, they “live after the whole ordeal”? Based on what? That link listing people who were apparently mis-identified (and who cares about CNN, Rick)?

    Bye bye semblance of credibility, hello shiny tinfoil hat.

    Of course you need to question authority. Of course you need to hold the democratically elected government accountable. Doy. You don’t need to weave fairy tales in the process, however. Weak. That you would even consider a “government conspiracy” more plausable shows you for what you are. Have a sweet life!

  29. “Bye bye semblance of credibility”

    I guess i’ll have to cry myself to sleep at night because OGM doesn’t believe me. *sniff sniff*

    “Have a sweet life!”

    you too!

  30. OGM –

    > That you would even consider a “government conspiracy” more
    > plausable shows you for what you are.

    Are you saying that there is no such thing as a “government conspiracy”? Or just not in this particular case?

    That you would dismiss as implausible a “government conspiracy” (without even addressing the molten pools of metal!!), shows you for what you are. Have a sweet life!

  31. Well, it is a shame that some people have lowered the tone of the comments on this page: I would suggest that all that have been so vehemently against the ‘theory’ have vested interest in the institution, i.e Military, government, civil service.
    To dispute the facts is bordering on the ignorant as the evidence is there for all to construe. But interpreted it must be, not dismissed as bunkum out of hand.
    There is no definitive work on 9/11 and I doubt will there ever be, what I dont doubt is the willingness of the few to hold on to, and increase, their power. We must not directly confront those with narrow views on the World Vision, instead we should remain objective and evidential in our response. We dont seek to undermine power for the sake of it, on the contrary our motivations for seeking the truth is so that we can believe in our elected politicians.


  32. Christ people, what the hell have they gotten away with as far as 9-11 is concerned, half the freakin’ FBI along with military men, govenors, senators, firemen, policemen, not to mention half of New York and physics teachers, structural engineers, actors, lawyers, and millions around the world. I mean good Lawd, it’s not like people can keep saying that the government couldn’t pull it off and get away with it or that they couldn’t keep it a secret!! They tried , they got caught! The only problem is going to be trying to hold them accountable, Good luck with that.