45% of Iraqis Support Attacks Against Allies

A leaked poll by an Iraqi university research team on behalf of the British government is creating quite a stir since it directly conflicts with statements that there is wide support for the invasion. In some areas, the support for suicide bombings against occupying forces spikes to 65%. Other poll numbers easily indicate the rosy news being told at home doesn’t stack up with reality (thanks Joe Stump):

* 82% of Iraqis are “strongly opposed” to the presence of coalition troops

* Less than 1% of the Iraqi population believes coalition troops are responsible for any improvement in the country

* 67% of Iraqis feel less secure because of the occupation

* 43% of Iraqis believe conditions for peace and stability have worsened

* 72% do not have confidence in the multi-national forces.

You know, at this point, I’d rather not bother saying anything more. I want one of our token 37%, follow the course, pro-Iraq occupation readers to spin this for us in the comments. Come on and tell us all just how wrong we are to want to leave this country that doesn’t want us there.

Tell us how spreading democracy in Iraq logically ignores 82% of those who don’t want us there.

Because I call bullshit.

  1. I agree. We need to cut and run like the cowardly curs with our tails between our legs. That is the best policy. Now we have a score of 2 losses, no wins since 1975. First loss, Vietnam. Second loss, Iraq. What the hell were we thinking? The world does not want democracy nor do we. Even in our own country we are not willing to stand up and be counted for freedom. How the hell are we expected to believe some third rate country not worth dying for like Iraq should stand up for freedom? I am with you on this.

  2. Someone once told me that the definition of insanity is doing the same stupid thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    You may want to take a long view on this and realize that hubris and bravery are indistinguishable to those who are myopic.

  3. I believe some of you should like to reconsider the failures you have had trying to persuade those that are not in agreement with through the power of the “pen” or as it was once said, the “quill” and now the “internet”.

    Listen to the old timers like me that have been around. Work hard, save your money, invest in survivalist tools and equipment, arm yourselves and prepare for the revolution. We can teach you much. You must be willing to learn. We are the ones that did not participate in our generation, the generation of love, peace and drugs. We have been preparing for the coming revolution. We are educated. We know math, physics, chemistry, and other sciences that are highly prized in a revolution. We have the skills. We can teach you. You must be willing to die for freedom if need be. Respond, people. Wake up.

  4. Julie,

    If you think that killing a bunch of innocent people over an illegal war is such a great idea, why don’t you go over there and do your part to force “democracy” on the Iraqi people? Perhaps you could shoot some “insurgents”… just be sure not to shoot the ones that are Americans and Britons disgused as “insurgents”, if you can find any.

  5. Mikey Boy

    You are still wet behind the ears. Until you have the life experiences to have an opinion, shut up and keep your ears and eyes open. You may learn the truth. Oh, respect your elders.

  6. This, again, is not surprising. As covered in my previous posting here
    Is it that hard to imagine that people being occupied would revolt against those that lived off their labor? I believe that is called involuntary servitude or slavery. I also believe we fought a war “back in the day” to get rid of such tyrants in our homeland (though technically, my ancestors were still in europe until the early 1900s).

    And we celebrate it every 4th of July. I’m sure the Iraqis will celebrate just the same when the last US troop is taken off their soil.