250,000 Bullets Per Insurgent

This story has been around for a couple weeks, but it keeps getting picked up… this time, by Free Market News Network:

Annual ammunition usage has more than doubled over the last five years and the government estimates that American forces use 1.8 billion bullets annually. Experts point out that since bombs and artillery have killed a number of insurgents, the 250,000 is actually a low estimate.

Perhaps our soldiers should spend some time in the off season at a paintball range to boast their percentages. Though to be fair, some ammunition is used for target practice. So in combat, it’s likely to be only 150,000 per kill.

But have no fear, our “good friend” Israel is more than happy to sell us the ammunition and make some money off us on the side.

How’s that quote from George Washington go? Something something… “entangling alliances”, etc etc. Baahhh, who cares.

  1. Ricky Ratter,

    Why not give them blanks and just scare them to death? No, better than that, take away their weapons. Is that not what you want? Once we disarm our soldiers, let them furnish their own weapons as long is it is not a firearm or explosive.

    They make plenty of money and volunteered to be in the military. If they want to fight, they can furnish their own knives, clubs and spears.

    You do not tell the whole story. Your story is a half-truth (or as I prefer to call it, lying by omission).

    Why are you so hell bent and determined to do whatever you can do to make the armed forces look bad? I do not believe you want to go up against one of the combat soldiers in a shootout. They do practice and do become very proficient, to the point of being expert shot marksmen.

    You try to discuss issues you have no real knowledge of. Again, you have set out to insult the soldiers with your paintball reference.

    Again, shame on you. I will not let you get away with your insulting crap toward soldiers and will continue to call your hand on it. If need be, I will invoke my friendship with other combat soldiers and overwhelm you with comments challenging you on your wetbrain knowledge of military matters.

  2. They make plenty of money and volunteered to be in the military. If they want to fight, they can furnish their own knives, clubs and spears.

    From what I gather they are providing their own body armour.

    You do not tell the whole story. Your story is a half-truth (or as I prefer to call it, lying by omission).

    We are all waiting for you to complete this half-story. The rest please?

  3. Julian,

    Duh, we should arm our troops.

    250,000 per insurgent implies many things.
    We either a) like about the number of insurgents killed
    b) spend a lot of time target practicing (nothing wrong with that).

    Finally, I find it impossible to believe that we, the US of A, can’t make our own bullets. It’s absurd

    Again, what am I missing Julian? Vietnam was a long time ago, do you have friends in Iraq that can explain the situation to me?

  4. Ricky Ratter

    I have friends at Ft. Carson, CO. and Ft. Stewart, GA. that are active military in line units and special operations that have served multiple tours in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. If you are truly serious and will approach this with an open mind, I can put you in touch with some of them. It is imperative that you give me your word, even in writing, that you will not insult them and will be completely and totally open minded.

    The starting point is for you to interview a friend of mine that served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam as a combat soldier. He is elderly and deserves your respect and admiration.

    After that, then talk to some of the troops that have served their country admirably. I hope you can handle it and understand what you are asking for. It is an entirely different world than you have experienced or understand.

    These people are eyewitnesses to history and play a vital role in establishing democracy to people in parts of the world that have known only poverty, fear, torture, hate and hopelessness. Have the stomach for a revelation and maybe, just maybe you will mellow a little with your jaundiced attitude toward some of the bravest and most dedicated human beings I have ever had the honor to know.

  5. Mikey Boy

    I know both sides and the other side refuses to have an open mind. I can read between your lines to bait me. Do you want to know the other side or are you too close minded to care?

  6. Julie,

    That is why I asked. All you have spewed thus far is a bunch of emotional nonsense. Again, what is the other side of this story that we are so ignorantly missing here? Are you saying that 1.8 billion bullets are NOT used per year? Or are you disputing that this comes out to be 250,000 bullets per kill in according to the Pentagon’s own numbers?

  7. Julian,

    That’s quite an offer, but I’m hesistent to jump right in. I’ll tell you why.

    I get the feeling, based on, well, all of your posts to me that this isn’t a “let’s chat and see what each other has to say”. Rather, it’s a “you’re a fucking idiot kid, here’s reality, and if you disagree with me, you’re a dumbass” kindof offer.

    Surely, I agree with you that or troops (most of them) are heroes in the sense that they A) Have balls of steel for putting their lives on the line B) Legitimately believe that they are putting their lives on the line for the greater good of humanity.

    Also, I’m not going to walk on eggshells. I’m certainly not going to insult your military friends and call them names. But if I’m going to discuss things with them, I’m sure they are going to bring up some horrible realities to me, and I’m goign to bring up some horrible truths to them. If I’m suppossed to take flack from them on how I’m ungrateful (and again, my beef is not with the soldiers, it’s with the administration), then they better be willing to hear what I have to say. Fair is fair, otherwise, no dice.

    Also, it’s hard to take you seriously when you continue to call everyone names. It doesn’t hurt my feelings (I’ve been called far worse), but I just don’t trust someone who debates by attacking the credibility of the speaker.

  8. Mike,

    Yeah, I don’t like the whole Isreal connection… plus, it’s total BS that America can’t manufacture it’s own guns. I mean, I know our manufacturing base has gone down the freagin toilet (off to China and India), but not having bullets? Come on…

    If our soldiers die in battles because we’re too busy diverting that money to Haliburton contracts, than Cheney should be tried for treason.

  9. Julian, Mike, Rick….

    Reading the original links and reading what Rick wrote I see no defamation of the troops. Julian… relax.

    No one is disputing the troops are worthy of respect. I personally dispute the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither of which seem to have been properly planned. Neither of which were worth ANY of our troops being killed or injured. Neither of which had ANY proof that Al Qaeda was involved. Oh wait Osama is dead aint he…. nope.

    Now before you get emotional and attack me as well Julian. I served, and several of my family members are currently serving in both campaigns. I truly think that you get emotional and without clearly thinking jump to the defence of the troops. This is admirable, however it does show that you are not reading the article.

    Perhaps you look at Rick’s picture and see a nancy-boy, or perhaps you see some liberal elite commie bastard. It would be much easier to take you seriously if you were just as open minded as you wish Rick and Mike were. You seem to see things in black and white and more or less distorted toward a nationalistic sense of pride.

    Love your country, question your government. The powers that be did not care about the expendable in Vietnam and you can damn well guarantee the cheerleading, cocktail waitress that is our president does not care about the expendable now.

    Sit back and ask yourself who goes to war!? Is it this government you seem to support, or is it the common man. Does the common man get to choose where and when the fight is? Does the common man fight to keep or restore our freedoms? Does the common man reap the rewards from these campaigns?

    No. We die.