$200B War: Now with Iron Grip Action

Abu Hishma collective punishmentBad Million Dollar Man pun aside, who the fuck is naming these operations? Have we resurrected STASI and KGB operatives from the 1950s and positioned them in our government so they can come up with crazy-assed names like Operation Iron Grip? Hey, if we’re gonna be clever, I got dibs on Operation Kung Fu Grip and Operation Vulcan Grip.

But to that’s just the side-dish, the real news here is that it looks like we’re practicing the awesome Geneva Convention banned practice of collective punishment in Iraq. IPS has more detail in U.S. Military Resorting to Collective Punishment:

“I was beaten by the Americans,” said Ihsan, a 17 year-old secondary school student. “They asked me who attacked them, but I do not know. My home was raided, our furniture destroyed, and one of my uncles was arrested.”

People in Abu Hishma village in the area spoke of similar experiences earlier. After U.S.. soldiers were attacked, the entire village was encircled with razor wire. Residents were forced to acquire military identity badges and enter through a military controlled checkpoint.

The main farm road was blocked by four large concrete slabs after attacks several weeks ago. Residents used tractors to remove the blocks, but last week they say the military installed four larger blocks.

Ah, I love the sight of checkpoints and razor-wire in the morning, looks like… democracy. Anyone know how to say “papers please” in Arabic?

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Well, it’s eaiser to have interment camps on their lands, saves the locals here from having to actually see it. Out of sight, out of mind?