2006: Year of the Independent?

Over at Governing.com’s 13th Floor, there is some poignant speculation that the conditions are ripe for third parties and independents to make a move in 2006 due to dissatisfaction with both Republicans and Democrats:

The current political environment is more favorable to third-party candidates than any time since the early 1990s. That’s when independents Lowell Weicker and Angus King won governorships in Connecticut and Maine, and Ross Perot made his surprisingly strong run at the White House. Today, polls suggest that the one-two punch of Iraq and Katrina has led many to view the Republicans as poor stewards of government. Scandals at the federal level and in Ohio, Kentucky and Connecticut haven’t helped Republicans, either.

Interestingly, a commenter noted that economist Dr. Bill Peirce is running for Ohio Governor (thanks Gaile!).

The cat’s out of the bag that we’ve been soft launching the campaign for the past couple months, and it seems some people are starting to take notice. Next week we’re going to have our first blitzkrieg online campaign to raise Bill’s profile, so articles like this should shine a positive light on the Peirce campaign.

Of course, there’s still lots to do between now and Monday.

(disclaimer: I am a paid Internet strategy consultant for the Peirce for Ohio campaign, so my views are obviously skewed in favor of his candidacy)

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Good job with the campaign website.

    When a candidate runs as a third party candidate for governor one of the goals is obviously to do well another goal may be to help get enough votes to help ballot access and run a state banner for the Libertarian Party.

    If I remember correctly Michael Badnarik said that the reason the LP nominates a Presidential candidate is to run that banner and asked people if they would be more interested in a seat for county librarian. I guess the same could be said for governor. The LP needs to win everywhere and many times people are only interested in politics at the top. If the LP would have not nominated a Presidential candidate I would not have probably not heard of them.

  2. Please, please, pretty please. Oh, I hope so. Who’s going to be our canidate? Will they be let in the debates, no. I say that we need to start electing in small elections, then just move our way up. I don’t think a Libertarian will become governer in most states. Certainly not California, my home state. Only the GOVERNATOR can rule here.