2006 Elections will be about Tax Reform

An interesting story over at the Washington Post caught my eye today, because it appears Bush is pushing a tax code reform panel’s deadline back from July 31st to September 30th:

Although the panel could have wrapped up its work on time, the administration felt that with a series of other initiatives under debate in Congress and the August recess approaching, “there is little capacity for public focus” on the tax issue right now, Treasury spokesman Taylor Griffin said.

“The administration and Congress are focused on a broad range of key presidential and congressional priorities over the remaining five weeks of the summer legislative session,” Griffin said.

[…]When Bush kicked off the Social Security push, some Republicans suggested he switch gears and pursue tax-reform first.

The Republicans are well aware that tax reform and tax cuts have been a driving issue with getting them votes, and I have no doubt they are going back to their rhetoric of tax cuts in order to milk this for all its worth in the 2006 races.

Here’s how libertarians can cut Republicans off at the pass and backhand the Democrats in the process: start focusing on spending spending spending and make it clear that no amount of tax reform or tax cuts rhetoric is going to do squat to strengthen our economy until that $7 trillion deficit is addressed honestly. I know, it’s politics, and it’s time we start acting like we know what the solution is instead of just the problem.

Bring up every single pork issue passed in the past two years that can haunt these congresscritters, take a camera to D.C. and ask them point blank why they are focusing on tax code instead of pork spending. Make them accountable, and stick the Libertarian Party’s fiscally conservative policies in their face until they puke.

Raise money and profile this way too, ask for donations to oust the biggest spendthrifts in Congress, and we might have a decent chance of putting them on the defensive and our own people in office.

Bush delays deadline for tax panel’s report [WaPo]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. The way in is to harp on the Debt levels. That’s hard for get folks interested in but it’s the best issue we have. There’s nothing a big party guy can say in response to a 7 trillion dollar deficit.

    We have to be the party to stand for repayment of every dime through government reductions and tax savings.

  2. Given the incredible amount of external debt the United States has, a sharp tax increase is inevitable-especially given El Shrubbo’s penchant for spending our childrens’ money.

  3. JollyRoger: I disagree. As long as we cut spending MORE than taxes, we can start paying off the debt. First, we have to do something about who’s in charge…

  4. “take a camera to D.C. and ask them point blank why they are focusing on tax code instead of pork spending”
    I disagree. As your more recent post noted, Libertarians have a massive publicity battle to win. Getting in people’s faces might raise Libertarians to pop culture status ala Moore, but it doesn’t make Libertarians electable. I say support every good tax reform that comes out of the Bush administration.

  5. Tax Panel Chairman:
    “Constitutionality of The Income Tax
    Will Not Be Addressed.”

    Our Founders severely restricted the power of the federal government to tax. Checks and balances were built into the Constitution to insure the protection of the People against tax tyranny. That the People would stand in silence, and fail to repel an attempt to install, or to continue a constitutionally repugnant method of taxation, will haunt the soul of America for generations.