2006 Campaigns’s Theme: “Don’t Elect the Crook”

Ohio coingate scandalWith scandals embroiling incumbents and parties in over a fifth of states (Alaska, Connecticut, Kentucky, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin), in 2006 the campaign theme for challengers is clearly ethics (via Political Wire):

Even as clouds of scandal hang over Washington, charges of political wrongdoing have surfaced in state capitals in Ohio, New Mexico, Tennessee and elsewhere across the country, touching members of both parties and elevating ethics as a campaign issue in nearly a dozen states.

[…] However, the fact that scandal has brushed members of both parties makes it less clear whether one of them will benefit dramatically over the other.

[…] “There has obviously been an enormous avalanche of bad stories, many of them revolving around ethics, having to do with the Bush administration. Clearly that hurts Republicans,” Carrick said. “[But] there is the possibility that this doesn’t take on as much of a partisan definition as it does the definition of the ins versus the outs.”

In that case, incumbents of both parties will have to worry in 2006.

This is a cut and dried plan for amazing Libertarian upsets if I ever heard one. Keep hammering on the scandal and corruption of both parties, present a candidate who’s sane and electable, raise the money to run ads and we could win some serious races in 2006.

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(disclaimer: Stephen VanDyke is a paid consultant for Peirce for Ohio)

  1. Libertarians have been handed a once in a lifetime opportunity to make some serious headway… let’s hope we don’t blow it.

    Republicans are reeling… we need to win them over.

  2. I hate to continually be so pessimistic about the LP, but until the LP moderates its positions, I really don’t think an LP candidates will win any big elections. I really, really hope I’m wrong, though.