Full Circle

I was sitting here debating whether to get some work done or catch up on the news I had been neglecting due to the Christmas holiday. Since I am posting, I am sure you know my decision on the matter. I started with Latinas converting to Islam, found my way to Bolivia’s President-elect, Evo Morales, and walked right into Cuba.
The latest in the “Religious Makeovers” du jour was just not doin’ it for me tonight. If Madonna ain’t involved in it, I don’t wanna know about it.
What was interesting was the campaign platform of Bolivia’s president-elect. It is reported that Evo Morales, a coca farmer, rode to victory with help of America’s War on Drugs.

The U.S.-led war on drugs inadvertently helped bring Morales to power. The battle against coca eradication that he led helped mobilize Indian organizations already angered by continuing poverty and political domination by a rich elite, feeding a broader political movement.

I know, from experience, that the coca plant is not (always) the evil that it is associated with here in the states. I have family- ex in-laws- that come from Bolivia. I know that they use coca for ailments far removed from fun. I know that my former mother in law chewed coca leaves to relieve altitude sickness. I know that it is used in spiritual cases. And I know that it is used for recreation. But I see now, that our “war” against its recreational use may be bringing us closer to something we despise. Reading about Morales and his fight to keep his livelihood, I learned of his fondness for Castro.
Learning of that fondness made me want to see what Fidel Castro was spouting of late. I found this article where Castro states,

“We are in transition: to socialism, to communism…”

and that his revolution was “uncontainable and unstoppable”.

Hmmm. If I were feeling the love from the US government elected to “serve the people” I would not be worried. But, then I read this piece by Dr. Lee Edwards which offers

We Americans are lucky. We’ve never had to worry about a knock on the door in the middle of the night, with members of the secret police ready to drag us from our homes. We have never had to endure the horrors of re-education camps to break the minds and bodies of dissidents. We have never seen whole families, whole cities, even whole peoples deported or extinguished in the name of communism.


In Cuba, Fidel Castro has silenced any opposition to his rule, placing political dissidents in concrete jail cells with no light and no furniture for as long as 20 years. In China, thousands of dissidents are imprisoned in the laogai, slave-labor camps that are the Chinese equivalent of the old Soviet gulag. Others, as noted above, are shot down in the streets. In North Korea, the entire populace lives in a totalitarian nightmare, marked by starvation and mass public executions.

The warm and fuzzies did not even start to gel when I remembered that our government is indeed incarcerating political dissidents and spying on the public and that people- citizens or not- are being imprisoned and tortured on less than sound intelligence.

A great big circle. We start off fighting tyranny and oppression. Then we aid it. And then we find that we are subjected to it- again. And this time, there seems to be a willing abdication of freedom’s crown.

I should have done the work. But then I would go to bed knowing that my good work-bonus money taxed at a different rate- would be used to further encourage communism.

  1. I am new to the internet, just cruising around trying to find info about Fidel Castro–had an argument earlier tonight with a friend. I am wondering why Castro has stayed in office for forty or so years (apparently wearing the same uniform)–is it that hard to set up a system that will effectively represent a lot of different people and views? Does Castro think he is the perfect man for the job? Wait, I think I hear The Who rocking out: “Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss.”
    At least in America we have the opportunity to choose new leaders every four years.
    That piece by Edwards? Scary. I was not aware that one hundred million people were killed by an idea–I had thought that people were behind the deaths. Bad communism!
    I guess all we have to do is kill all the suckers promotin’ commynism and we’ll be that much freer. And better.
    One month ago I would have thought that the U.S. government could not care less about conversations like these.

  2. I remember when Castro lined up his enemies and had them shot. This went on for weeks at a time. The world just stood by and let it happen.

    I wonder why so many people are running from him to the USA and it is not the other way around? I wonder what he does to drug users and dealers?

    I say legalize ALL drugs including prescription drugs and let the people have a heyday. I will stand by and watch the US population thin out by natural selection. I can’t wait. We need more room and less people to interfere with our daily routine. Maybe we need absolute freedom better known as anarchy.

  3. I was a bit tipsy on a decent red when I posted this, but in the sober light of day, see that I did not connect the dots well. We hear TV drug war propaganda informing us that if someone uses drugs, they support terrorism. It seems now that if someone supports the war on drugs, that they may supporting communism. We need to fight terrorism over there by ousting Iraq’s dictator, but our war on drugs had some part in electing a man who sort of idolizes a communist dictator- one a little closer to home at that. We need to rethink all of our “pet” wars and maybe we might see true change- in our country and globally.

  4. The revolution is indeed uncontainable and unstoppable. Free-market, neo-liberal policies (American banks propping up “poor” countries in order to take control of their natural resources and cheap labor) implemented by Washington banks has been the greatest “terrorism” act in the history of the world.

    Communism killing 100 million? Please… I’m amazed at how uninformed most Americans are.

    These 100 million include ALL deaths attributed to WWII and Hitler’s invasion in the Soviet Union, and the catastrophies that happen in a nation of over 1 billion (alleged Chinese famine attributed to Cultural Revolution).
    What about the hundreds of millions of people killed, tortured and displaced by Ronald Reagan, Rich Nixon, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, JFK, etc?
    Please open up your ears and eyes, the collective ideals of socialism, and ultimately communism, are the ONLY option for a self-sustaining, free and just world.
    Otherwise, we’re doomed to perpetual war & misery.

  5. As for Julian’s comments… why did the world stand by and watch W Bush kill and maim OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE in an illegal and unjust war and invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Why has the world stood by and done nothing over human rights atrocities committed by the US military in over 85 countries during the latter part of the 20th century. From Chile to Mexico, to the Phillipines, to Puerto Rico, to Sudan to Ethiopia, to Vietnam women are raped, beaten and killed, children are sold off, the men are tortured, the elderly are shot or left to fend for themselves. There are millions of people that have lived this. Even here in our own country, people live off miserable wages, education is pitiful, racism seems to become more prevalent, who can afford $400,000 house on even 2 service sector incomes? Immigrants are forced into America and “first-world” nations because of the flow of globalized capital. More info at http://www.myspace.com/kilabeat or http://www.socialismandliberation.org

  6. the_future_is_ours: Do you realize where you’re trying to sell that cracked vase? Communism and collectivism are about as polar opposite of anything you’re gonna find at this blog.

    Though if you really enjoy pissing in the wind that much, be my guest… we could use the comic relief.

  7. You’re totally right, Stephen. I’m way off mark. Screw the world and let me live my middle-class life! Damn oppresive, tyrannt neo-Marxist governments just want to strip me of my individual creativity and stamp a number on my head! Some of these governments even outlaw western movies (can’t we all enjoy gratuitous violence and sodomy), all-you-can-eat buffets and the like. They hate my freedom (even though there’s 2.1 million of my kind locked in profitable cages).

    I thought arguments against socialism would be a bit more intelligent, Steve. Just a suggestion: when demonizing communism use words like tryannical or diabolic or murderous or oppressive or Draconian. Because only the nuttiest of pro-market losers actually are disgusted by the term “collective.”

    History is dead, huh.

    Stephen- you and others like you- are perfect case studies for the idea that all learning after a certain age only serves to reinforce preconceived notions.

    I bet you can’t even dance or sing.

  8. The Future is Ours

    If you are a true red communist, what the hell are you doing here? North Korea may take you in. If not, Vietnam is still a communist state. Hell, Cuba is closer. You could swim to that paradise and communist enclave of utopia.

    What happened to the great experiment, Soviet Union? Oh, that’s right. You American communists blame the utter failure of that corrupt system on Ronald Reagan. Shame on Ronald.

    You need to team up with pinko Jane. I hear she is still running around selling her brand of socialism. What???. Was she not married to a billionaire? Why is communism so good for the masses but not for those trying to impose the system on the rest of us? Oh, that’s right. There are the priveleged few in that system that must tell the rest of us how to live because we are too stupid.

    You can live on a commune and plow with a mule. I’ll keep my SUV and Harley Davidsons. I love capitalism. You are just jealous of the rest of us.

  9. the_future_is_ours: hey, if you wanna go live in a communist collective with your friends, of your own volition, that’s your call. Just don’t tell me I have to join.

    You might want to check into libertarianism, you might find that the freedom of individual choice is right up your alley.

    And yeah, I can dance, sing, fuck and fart all I want as a libertarian, so long as I don’t cause bodily harm to anyone else while I’m doing it.

  10. The ideals of socialism and communism are one thing, and perhaps they’re really nice ideals. But they break down very quickly once you introduce humans into the mix.

  11. I think we all need to take a small step back. I see alot of frustration on both sides. I think this future is ours character is trying to get a rise out of us Libertarians. If he wants to live in a communist state…he can forgiet his American citizenship and move to Cuba. As for the United States, it was created as a free-market capitalist, constitutional republic. So lets take a big deep breath and exhale our frustration because this guy is not worth having an ulcer.

  12. Chris: He’s the real deal if you look at his MySpace profile. I wonder how proud he is of Che trying to instigate an illegal and unjust war against Bolivia on behalf of the Russian communists.

    It’s kinda funny how both neocons (fascists, really) and communists can share the same moral flexibility when it comes to using liberation as an excuse for foreign aggression.