$100/gal in Iraq… Buh!?

This is just ludicrous:

With the U.S. Army spending $100 a gallon to buy gasoline and lug it to Iraq and Afghanistan for Humvees, the brass wants to cut its fuel costs. One possible solution: the Army National Automotive Center’s push to boost the market for hybrid engine technology.

Ok, let me be the first to inform the Pentagon that if they can’t seem to find a way to fill the Humvees for less than $100/gal while driving smack dab in the center of the oil-rich Middle East… perhaps the problem isn’t fuel economy and the solution isn’t hybrid engines.

I don’t know, just a theory here.

» Hybrid Vehicles In Camouflage [BusinessWeek]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I wonder if there are any refineries in Iraq? Or how about any in the Middle East other than Isreal? Are the natives smart enough to apply the technology or only sell the crude oil and use the money to attack us? Humvees or no other vehicle will run on crude oil. It must be refined into gasoline, propane, fuel oil, etc. to be worthwhile. I guess the crude oil is shipped to the USA, refined, and shipped back.

    By the way, for all of you that relish in seeing the demise of the military, you may get your wish. It seems there is no line at the recruiter’s office to join. Just goes to show you that eventually the anarchists and libertarians will get their wish. Then what when we need the military for self-defense?

    I am truly appalled that there are not many patriots left. We let a few do all the dirty work and then criticize them for being willing to do the work. Worse, we try to put them all in jail. Who the hell would want to join the military and then risk prison for fighting a war?

    Seems to be Vietnam all over again. All we have to do now is wait at the airports or military bases and yell obscenities at them, call them baby killers, and spit on them. Maybe they deserve that kind of treatment for supposedly committing atrocities, peeing on the Koran, etc.

    Ever thought this is also same old propoganda line by our enemies as is was used during Vietnam.

    Where are you, Jane Fonda? The propoganda machine needs you again. Come on out and play with the vets again. I guess you are too old and have relegated those duties to the news media which convienently forgets to check and verify their sources.

    Amnesty International will surely manage to have GITMO shut down. After all, it is operating as a Gulag in the context of Stalin. I’ll even venture we are dumping gas down the same openings that the soldiers are peeing through or have we thought of doing that yet? With the type of country some of us believe we have become, you would believe American soldiers would be capable of wholesale extermination as the final solution also.

  2. I love it when you hyperventilate.

    Have a little perspective, libertarians support the troops just as much as we ought to, which is to say a hell of a lot more than Bush seems to. I’d just like to see us using our military to hunt down OSAMA AND AL QAIDA (how many times do I have to say this, seriously?) before waging these wars for the possible, maybe, could-be threat that Iraq supposedly posed.

    I’m just saying, you’re painting me and libertarians to be military-hating hippie liberals who adore Jane Fonda and that’s disingenuous at best and slanderous at worst, so cut that shit out.

  3. “Then what when we need the military for self-defense?”

    If the democrats and republicans don’t take our guns away we will have over 270 million soldiers fighting for self defense. In a time of a necessary war(world war 11) people are very eager to join the military.

  4. you guys realize the Hummers are tactical vehicles. they are all deisel powered, not gasoline

  5. Diesel fuel is fuel oil. I did not say Humvees are powered by gasoline. Crude oil still has to be refined into diesel (fuel) oil. You cannot just pump crude oil out of the ground, send it directly to a fueling depot and fill up vehicles.

  6. The Second Amendment does not limit what kind of arms we can bear. The Government does. If 270 million people are all armed with semi-automatic firearms that will only fire only a limited caliber size bullet, then we are in trouble trying to defend ourselves against AK-47’s, RPG’s, tanks, etc. I say we should be allowed to own whatever weaponry is available on the market or to our military. That surely would make us all a part of a well armed militia. I don’t believe the feds would be so willing to snipe at our basic freedoms every day nor would any foreign enemy be so anxious to challenge us.

  7. “You cannot just pump crude oil out of the ground, send it directly to a fueling depot and fill up vehicles.”

    Well, that’s true, but the fact is that Iraqis and the rest of the ME isn’y paying anywhere near $100/gal for their fuel (gasoline, diesel or otherwise), so how is our military so ineffecient that we’re stuck with such a high price tag?

    This just stinks of corruption and price-gouging and I’m calling it like I see it.

  8. the source says gasoline, that’s what I was getting at. I don’t trust the source. the most basic of facts are incorrect, so I throw out the entire article.

    …and if the army want’s to wean itself off of petroleum products, they can convert every diesel vehicle they own (which is every “tactical” vehicle) to run on vegetable oil. it’s easy… people are doing it all of the time