You’re not Reading This

Reads web stats…

Checks watch…

Ahh, good. All the people who thought I was a bandwagon to be ridden for a while have left. Which leaves just you, sitting there reading this. Why is that? I really only have one or two good ideas a month anyways. Posting daily is a bit stressfull, especially when it’s supposed to transcend conventional blogging and become opinion mongering.

Now there I go again, spouting some inane jibberish that you probably don’t give a damn about. How about I pander with a link to a funny video clip? Or perhaps a clever website? Should I sell out and post daily with bullshit when I really have nothing to say?


I think I’ll just listen to some music, smoke a little reefer and come back tomorrow with the weekend tunes.


No wait, I do have something to say. I have a terrible Spring cold (or is it allergies?) and my head has been stuffy, runny, itchy and all the things it says on the bottle. What bottle is that? Why it’s my trusty NyQuil that I’ve been chugging since eleven, I’ve gone through five bottles so far, I’m a little dizzy, but at least I can breathe.

Which reminds me… don’t ever try and “pop” your ears when driving. I did that today and had an insane headrush and my equilibrium totally went haywire. Luckily I’m good at driving drunk so this doesn’t apply to me, but I wanted to share it as a public service announcement.

Here’s another pseudo cartoon. I don’t know WTF to call these:

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Big mistake, Stephen. We’re still here…

    The traffic on your html pages may be slowing down, but a lot of people may have added your RSS feed to their readers – just like I did. That’s how news travels these days, and that’s why it travels so fast, and widespread! ;-)