William Safire: Egg On Face

Or maybe it’s something else dribbling from the corners of his mouth… Who am I to say? Slate is slamming the famous New York Times’ columnist for banging the drum of the MohammedAtta/Iraq link in their roundup “Hell, No, They Won’t Let Go”:

The commission also tried to kill the never-say-no theory that Mohammed Atta met an Iraqi spy in Prague. As the staff reports note, a few days before the supposed meeting, Atta was caught on a security camera in the U.S., and his cell phone was used in the U.S. right before, during, and after it. For those keeping score, this is the same meeting Times columnist Bill Safire once termed, “an undisputed fact.”

But don’t stop there, Slate, because Safire keeps on getting it wrong, such as in the article November 2003 article — Missing Links Found — which is, well, full of lies (and more dubious Atta links).

But hey, it’s not like Safire has a history of prevaricating or anything.

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