Why Freeways in America Suck

I found this little tool where you can screw around with road signs, so here’s what I came up with. [via Blogdex]

My beef with the current system is twofold: a) everyone already breaks the ludicrous 65mph limit (at least here in Atlanta); b) the people who aren’t breaking the speed limit are always blocking the “fast lane”.

Now, this isn’t the Autobahn, because if it was, flashing my lights at the dumbass in his SUV who is pacing the car in the lane to his right would cause him to speed up a little and get out of the way. Common courtesy. No, while that moron drives oblivious of the traffic around him, five other cars and myself are passing on the right, two lanes away. Obviously it’s not as safe if drivers would be more alert.

Consider the fact that there are 5-6 freaking lanes (including HOV, which I would abolish), and this system would work pretty well. Hell, the average speed here is already around 80mph, and most people aren’t going to abuse this anymore than they already abuse the speed laws. Consider that traffic would just flow so much better if people got pulled over more often for going too damn slow!

Consider that… and realize that this makes so much freaking sense that this will never happen in our litigious happy America.

UPDATE: Bob sent me some links to his site where he wrote about this… I liked this one, where a cop actually pulls over the speed-lane hog. Score one for rational justice.

Stephen VanDyke

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