WatchBlog Exclusive Article on Libertarians

My exclusive feature article for WatchBlog is finally done and posted, so go check it out. I interviewed all of the libertarian candidates and a libertarian pundit and analyzed the dynamic between third party candidates and the media. Spread it around if you can, this is an *** EXCLUSIVE *** article and all that jazz, so you’re not going to find it in the media.

Hopefully it’s interesting and not dry and crappy or anything like that. I’ll be posting it here in full on Wednesday so that I have a copy of it on the blog.

Libertarians: Whispering from the Rafters [WatchBlog]

  1. I hope it did not seem that I was being overly critical of them. I think they are a very common sense party and have a lot of great ideas, but they just need to tap into the blogosphere and actually embrace it as much as the Dems do if they want their message to get any traction. Which is different from having a blog.

    I’m going to do a follow-up which will be strictly editorial that will outline how they can effectively capitalize on the blogosphere and create their own echo chamber in the blogosphere, hopefully they’ll be paying attention.