War Crimes in Iraq

By now you’ve probably seen the photos of American soldiers doing some pretty heinous stuff to Iraqi prisoners. I saw it last week and my initial thought was: “what the fuck is wrong with those people?”

So again, the Memory Hole launches a media frenzy, and with good cause. And the issue resurfaced again today as I’m listening to Glenn Beck on the way to work (no permalink, audio date is 5/3/04, hour 2). He had some good insight, saying that we “shouldn’t fight evil with evil” and he wishes “280 million people could line up at the airport to spit on those soldiers” who are responsible for these actions. I agree with the sentiment, but the reality is that there is a perfectly reliable recourse for these actions, it’s called a war crimes tribunal.

If we are going to hold Saddam’s old regime responsible for their war crimes, we sure as hell better hold our own people to the same fire. It sends a powerful and lasting message when you purge a few bad apples while the world community watches.

For a similar opinion, check out American Dynamics: Iraq Torture, Beyond the Images. I’ve been following his site for a couple of weeks now and I have to say I’ve been impressed with the reason he displays. It’s good to see another New Yorker magazine fan, he’ll be a welcome addition to my blogroll.

UPDATE: woops, I screwed up the date on the Glenn Beck audio date (I timewarped to 5/5/04 for some reason)… You can now listen to the archive online… Hour 2 is all I heard, but I’m including links to all 3 hours: Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3.

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