Veteran For Bush Booed in Seattle area Parade

Jason Gilson, a 23-year-old military veteran who served in Iraq was home for the Fourth of July and participated in a parade — carrying a sign which read “Veterans for Bush” — was booed and called names by people in the crowd. The Seattle Post Intelligencer has the full editorial in Veteran gets rude welcome on Bainbridge:

From the outside looking in, the fuel for this conflict seems obvious.

The left-leaning island hosted a group of people who support Bush’s controversial war. (On the same parade route, people bearing pro-Kerry signs were cheered and applauded for, among other things, tooling around in an environmentally responsible car.)

Against such a roiling backdrop, an unfortunate tone of voice or the wording on a sign can spark, well, something — something unconscionable it appears.

A bit hyperbolic perhaps, but this is just plain bad. Let’s cut through the bullshit in this story and divide those that booed into 3 groups:

  1. Those who hate Bush and were booing because of the sign he was carrying
  2. Those who hate Bush and are too stupid to realize that they should yell “Bush sucks” not “baby killer!”
  3. Those who like to jeer alongside, oblivious of what the target is

Now I’d venture to say that the first group is probably the largest, but stupid people make better news, right? So, the group that yelled “baby killer,” and “murderer” are going to get prime recognition. In that regard I completely agree with the author that this is reprehensible. Remember, there are stupid supporters on both sides and the Democrats are not immune. Who wants to bet that the Republican contingent managed to toss a few incendiary remarks and booes at Kerry supporters?

Veteran gets rude welcome on Bainbridge [Seattle Post Intelligencer]

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  1. I’m sorry I am not seeing that these people booed a Bush supporter. I’m seeing that they booed and called names such as ‘baby killer’ and ‘murderer’ to a disabled veteran of the Iraqi war. Which was brought on by a parade announcer who did’nt properly announce his and the rest of the party’s presence.

    What made matters worse was a parade announcer who spoke in a tone that Gilson — along with his family and friends who marched in a Bush-Cheney contingent at the event — say was sarcastic. The announcer looked at Gilson, read his sign, and said: “What exactly are you a veteran of?”

    hmmm…well him looking so young could she have made a good guess before she spoke.

    Its funny how no one seems to be able to produce a video of this event. I’m sure its quite embarrassing for the community. I did hear a rumor that there seemed to be one available but conviently destroyed. Don’t all communities play there parades on there local tv station. Where’s Bainbridge Islands?