VanDyke File: Visit to Waco, TX

I wanted to share some photos I took while in Texas. I got to visit Waco on the way back and see for myself the site where the Branch Davidians were massacred in 1993. I’m not in any way a religious person, but seeing the place in person was something I felt compelled to do.

Branch Davidians - Entrance

Interestingly enough, the Davidian acreage is a mere 30 miles from Bush’s Crawford ranch. How’s that for some odd trivia knowledge?

Pictures and comments after the jump.

This is really just a fluff shot of the entrance, but I though it looked good enough to include

Each of these 82 trees is actually a grave for the 82 people who died here

This is a list of the deceased

Right next to the graveyard is this motorcycle (which must have been run over by one of the tanks), which for some reason it was not hauled away after the investigation. There are lots of names carved into it and it is badly rusted

The Davidians have built a new church on the same location where the old facility was burnt down, they only hold services in it twice a year since there are so few members left

There is a marker for the four BATF officers who died that day, which is an odd display of religious sanctimony

Another interesting marker is this one for those who died in the Oklahoma city bombing. I guess retaliation is not a very religious thing to do

In the visitor’s center, there is a scale representation of the destroyed facility

An interesting shot, the place is pretty depressing considering the government got away with a massacre and didn’t even have to say it was sorry

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  1. It’s good to see a first hand account of what has become of the place. I am certain most Americans barely remember what happened there, in light of all the “important” news ie… lacy peterson…dog shows…oh and can’t forget the new IKEA opening up. Gotta love those major news headlines!