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First of all, my apologies for not posting anything yesterday. Here at work, our data center lost power (long story, but over 1000 servers went down when the UPS failover uh… failed) and with it our Internet connection to our satellite office (where I work from) was gone. Obviously I had to attend to work related matters all day, even though it entailed working the phones and giving status updates to customers who were rightly upset. Consider yesterday an anomaly.

On to the interviewers and interviewees part:

I was interviewed last week by Mark Glaser of Online Journalism Review in regard to the Alexandra Polier story. The story is up now at “A Tale of Two Rumors: How Reagan, Kerry News Spread Online” — it’s pretty good.

Out of the blue, Stephen Waddington of Ranier PR sent me an email, saying “I run a tech PR firm in the UK, and have just completed a paper on blogs as a media channel, in which I pick up on some of your original ideas from the article(s) you wrote about how news travels the Internet.” You can read it at “Blogs as a media channel” — definitely interesting.

I got hold of Aaron Russo — the former Libertarian presidential candidate — for a phone interview last night. He had interesting things to say about the media coverage (or lack thereof) of 3rd parties and specifically the Libertarian campaign. I still have a lot of research and interviews to conduct for the article, which is slated to run Monday at WatchBlog as a feature. It will be reproduced here after a couple days.

A Tale of Two Rumors: How Reagan, Kerry News Spread Online [Online Journalism Review]
Blogs as a media channel [Ranier PR]

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