U.S. Will Not Seek U.N. War Crime Immunity

Why the change of heart my dear American compatriots? Has the government finally seen the light that torture and abuse is wicked and evil and is not excusable, even under the pretense of war?

No. We simply couldn’t get the required nine out of fifteen required votes from the U.N. Security Council to extend the exemption for U.S. soldiers from international prosecution. Reuters reports in “U.S. Withdraws UN Measure on Immunity for Soldiers”:

The United States has rarely faced such opposition in the council, with the notable exception of its attempt to get U.N. endorsement for the invasion of Iraq last year. Since then, the council has backed Washington on its plans in Iraq, with far less acrimony than before the war.

But this year specter of U.S. abuse of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan made it difficult for members to extend the resolution for the third time, even though analysts say the scandal would not come before the new tribunal.

No, really? You mean our reputation has been damaged? Shocking.

U.S. Withdraws UN Measure on Immunity for Soldiers [Reuters]

Stephen VanDyke

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