Time Magazine’s Tribute to Goatse.cx Cover

This is just too weird (and yet, funny). You know the art director (or at least someone) at Time magazine must have surreptitiously done this. Or everyone who approved it and/or saw it was too embarrased to say what it looked like (Wikipedia, page contains content, or links to content, that some people may find disturbing and/or upsetting).

Time Magazine does Goatse.cx

What’s even funnier is that this will probably end up being the most banned Internet meme, since most filtering software will likely ban any page that mentions goatse.cx, thinking it’s connected to porn somehow.

» America’s Border (cover) [Time] [via BoingBoing]
» Goatse.cx [Wikipedia]

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  1. They call him the “comeback Kerry”

    You know, it makes me nervous thinking two or three years into his presidency, the press running stories such as, ‘Kerry on his comeback plan to defeat terrorism.’