The Living Room Candidate

From American Dynamics comes this cool website called The Living Room Candidate. Basically it’s an archive of every campaign ad (television and Internet), dating back to the Kennedy era. Definitely some choice stuff, I expect remixes are being worked on as I type this.

Living Room Candidate screenshot

Also, the New York Times wrote an article about the site in Showing Candidates, as They Praise Themselves and Bury Others:

Created four years ago by the American Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens, the updated 2004 version, which is scheduled to go online today, allows Internet users to browse through a far richer collection of TV and Web campaign ads from 1952 to the present.

It is a truism that political campaigns nowadays are fought and won on television, but it is also true that at this point in the campaign some of the most talked-about ads are being shown only in swing states like Ohio or Florida. The Web site allows New Yorkers and Californians to see how the other half are being wooed.

The Living Room Candidate [via American Dynamics] [via BAGnewsNotes]
Showing Candidates, as They Praise Themselves and Bury Others [NYT]

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