The Crab on Mars

So, I was reading this Slashdot story on why Mars is all red, and since I understood very little about it, a comment caught my eye claiming that there were crabs on mars, I followed the link it gave and thought to myself: “what the crap is that thing”? Being a suspicious person of course I had to consult with the original NASA panoramic photo of Mars (which is really, really, really large) which resulted in the speculation and sure enough, it’s there too. So I saved the photo to my desk, and not knowing what else to do with it, I opened it with Photoshop and looked at it, and promptly concluded that it must be some debris from the lander airbags (which are supposed to tear off thin fabric layers on rocks and junk instead of popping).

Not knowing what else to do with the photo in Photoshop, I decided to make the sky blue and so I did, then I made the surface look scary like if Mars was really an evil planet covered with a thick soot from heavy machinery of eons past. The result is this desktop image that I’m now using and you are free to have as well, it’s 1280 x 1024.

mars blue sky

Stephen VanDyke

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