Texas GOP: Good Ideas, and Really Stupid Ideas

The Texas GOP on Friday decided to unveil it’s ultra right-wing philosophy. On the financial politics, I agree with them, but the rest is pretty whack. The Houston Chronicle has the full story in “Taxes, gays, abortion targeted by state GOP”:

The Texas Republican Party has long been on record against hot-button social issues such as abortion, homosexuality and gay marriage. But the recent approval of gay marriages in Massachusetts prompted delegates to strengthen their language on that issue.

The new platform not only condemns homosexuality — “the practice of sodomy tears at the fabric of society” — it also advocates felony penalties for anyone issuing a marriage license or performing a marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple.

Kevin Drum of Political Animal also has the leftist interpretation of the ideology in “The Future of the Republican Party?” (hint: every part of it is bad). I’ve decided to run down the list that he provided and add my own analysis and opinion, check it out after the jump.

Texas GOP Platform

Short Translation (by Kevin Drum)

Rational View

The Party calls for the United States monetary system to be returned to the gold standard. Since the Federal Reserve System is a private corporation, has no reserves, and is not subject to taxation or audit, we call on Congress to abolish this institution and reassume its authority, enumerated by Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, for the coinage of money.

The United States should return to the gold standard and abolish the Federal Reserve.


They’d be far less likely to blow wads of cash if they had to actually pay for it instead of printing up more pieces of paper and borrowing it.

Congress should be urged to exercise its authority under Article III, Sections 1 and 2 of the United States Constitution, and should withhold appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in such cases involving abortion, religious freedom, and all rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights.

The Supreme Court should not be allowed to decide the constitutionality of laws regarding abortion, religion, or anything else related to the Bill of Rights. In these areas, Congress should be allowed to pass any laws it wishes.


Abolishing the Supreme Court is a good step towards totalitarianism and removes one of our critical checks and balances.

Our Party pledges to do everything within its power to restore the original intent of the First Amendment of the United States and the concept of the separation of Church and State and dispel the myth of the separation of Church and State.

We should completely do away with separation of church and state.


"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" No laws for or against any religion, you dig?

The party opposes the decriminalization of sodomy….We publicly rebuke judges Chief Justice Murphy and John Anderson, who ruled that the 100 year-old Texas sodomy law is unconstitutional, and ask that all members of the Republican Party of Texas oppose their re-election.

Gay sex should be a criminal offense.


Slippery slope yadda yadda; Frankly no one wants the government in their bedroom telling us wecan’t have oral sex (sodomy).

The Party affirms its support for a human life amendment to the Constitution and we endorse making clear that the Fourteenth Amendment?Äôs protection applies to unborn children.

All abortion of all kinds should be permanently outlawed by constitutional amendment.


As long as we’re keeping them out of bedrooms, how about keeping them out of the doctor’s office too.

No homosexual or any individual convicted of child abuse or molestation should have the right to custody or adoption of a minor child, and that visitation with minor children by such persons should be limited to supervised periods.

Gays should be treated like child molesters and should not be allowed to visit children unsupervised.


I thought we were past segregation. Guess not.

The Party believes that scientific topics, such as the question of universe and life origins and environmental theories, should not be constrained to one opinion or viewpoint. We support the teaching equally of scientific strengths and weaknesses of all scientific theories–as Texas now requires (but has yet to enforce) in public school science course standards. We urge revising all environmental education standards to require this also. We support individual teachers?Äô right to teach creation science in Texas public schools.

The Biblical story of creation should be taught in science classes.

Yeah (with stipulation)

Teach all of them. If we are going to fund religious education of any kind, I want to make sure that children learn a wide spectrum of dissenting views and allow them to come to their own conclusions.

The Party supports an orderly transition to a system of private pensions based on the concept of individual retirement accounts, and gradually phasing out the Social Security tax.

Social Security should be abolished.


People should have access to their own accounts though (no one can touch them or borrow against them) and have the option to not contribute.

We urge that the IRS be abolished and the Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution be repealed. A constitutional tax, collected and controlled by the States, must generate sufficient revenue for the legitimate tasks of the national government.

The federal income tax should be abolished.


I’ll refer you to the LP write-up on the issue since it’s well explained.

The Party believes the minimum wage law should be repealed.

The federal minimum wage should be abolished.


I simply don’t know the complete ramifications of this one, both arguments are compelling.

We further support the abolition of federal agencies involved in activities not delegated to the federal government under the original intent of the Constitution including, but not limited to, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the position of Surgeon General, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Departments of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Education, Commerce and Labor.

The EPA, HUD, HHS, the Department of Education, and several other federal agencies should be eliminated. Since these departments supervise all federal welfare programs for the poor and sick, they are presumably advocating the complete abolishment of the federal welfare state.


This list should be longer and include many corporate welfare entities such as the Small Business Administration (SBA),

Agriculture Department’s Agricultural Research Service ($700 million a year),

The Energy Department’s Energy Supply Research and Development Program ($2.7 billion a year),

The Commerce Department’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ($1.9 billion a year) [read more on this one]

The Party believes it is in the best interest of the citizens of the United States that we immediately rescind our membership in, as well as all financial and military contributions to, the United Nations.

Get the United States out of the UN.


While we’re at it, let’s militarily pull out of every country we are not at war with and simply maintain embassy relations.

The Party urges Congress to support HJR 77, the Panama and America Security Act, which declare the Carter-Torrijos Treaty null and void. We support re-establishing United States control over the Canal in order to retain our military bases in Panama, to preserve our right to transit through the Canal, and to prevent the establishment of Chinese missile bases in Panama.

Take back the Panama Canal.

This plank remains in the 2002 platform. Since Panama presumably would object to this, they appear to be endorsing military action to retake the canal zone.


Unless we plan on making Panama the 51st state, that canal does not belong to us.

Any person filing as a Republican candidate for a public or Party office shall be provided a current copy of the Party platform at the time of filing. The candidate shall be asked to read and initial each page of the platform and sign a statement affirming he/she has read the entire platform.

We are dead serious about all this.

Actually, they only seem to be serious about the whack things that I said "nay" on. The good ideas seem to be last on the list, but somehow I think the list will be revised once the other ones are done and a whole new crop of stupid crap will be added as priority. Selah.

Taxes, gays, abortion targeted by state GOP [Houston Chronicle]
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